Various Advantages of Interdisciplinary Approach of the IB Board

Interdisciplinary learning is the concept of bringing together the knowledge of two different disciplines and implementing it to a child’s learning. This enhances their learning experience and engages the students for a comprehensive learning model. To effectively integrate interdisciplinary learning, educators need to spark creativity, patience, and a willingness to experiment.

This model of teaching has many positive effects on students. With the current learning environment, IB schools have utilised a number of tools to streamline and implement interdisciplinary learning. The aim of the school is to encourage students to make connections between different subjects taught in school.

The Various Advantages of Interdisciplinary Learning Approach

  • Mental Flexibility: The flexibility and implementation power the kids get here helps them in becoming lifelong learners. It encourages students to understand different ways of learning.

  • Collaboration and Communication: This approach highlights and encourages the importance of collaboration and teamwork, which are important life skills. Students also learn to become effective communicators by working in groups and expressing themselves in more creative ways.

  • Problem Solving Skills: Students develop essential and problem-solving skills through prior learning of various subjects. Thus, they benefit far beyond the school walls. They learn creative solutions to some of the most challenging problems.

  • Easier to Understand: Young learners often make unique connections between different areas of knowledge, and the interdisciplinary method harnesses this approach to provide a greater connection to the real-world context.

  • Interdisciplinary Thinkers: The students become interdisciplinary thinkers who analytically and creatively embraces new ideas. This prepares them for graduate and professional studies and for fulfilling careers in new and emerging fields.

Interdisciplinary approach helps students focus and understand better the information presented. This is a complex way of thinking and involves creative problem-solving and critical thinking skill, necessary in developing an individual’s characteristics. This approach allows the synthesis of ideas and characteristics from various disciplines. At the same time, it addresses students’ individual differences and helps to develop important, transferable skills.

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