How IB Curriculum Nurtures Creativity & Curiosity

Creativity and curiosity form two essential skills in a child’s personality as it helps the kids to learn in all kinds of situations. Equipping parents, teachers and guardians with practical and inquisitive ideas will help in nurturing a child’s curiosity and creative thinking beyond the classroom. IB curriculum is the new age method of incorporating and enhancing creativity and curiosity in students.  

These two skills require a safe environment for the kid to play, exercise autonomy, and take risks and the IB curriculum provides just that. Teachers establish a supportive classroom in the school and here are some ways in which they accomplish their goals.

  • A Compassionate, Accepting Environment: Creativity requires going out of a comfort zone, and students need to be assured that they can make mistakes in front of the teachers without the fear of being scolded or demeaned. Every mistake is treated as an opportunity to learn and explore. IB finds it a great technique to encourage students to create new ventures and be curious of their surroundings.
  • Take Part In Their Ideas: Teachers are more involved and participative in conversations with students. They create moments to find their passion areas and then build them into approaches.
  • Encourage Autonomy: Teachers are very careful in translating the feedback to the students. The feedback encourages self-assessment and independence and not only looking over the “good work”.
  • Add Instructions To Promote Creative Thinking: The school and teachers add instructive words and sentences to the assignments, such as:
    • Be Creative
    • Using words such as design, create, suppose
    • Encouraging them to imagine and invent
    • Come up with many solutions
  • Tell Them Direct Feedback On Their Creativity: Many students don’t realize how creative they are till the time they are not encouraged for it. IB teachers provide the required feedback to help them incorporate creativity and curiosity into their self-concept.
  • Channel The Creativity & Curiosity Into Constructive Activities: Teachers look over the students who are often disturbed or unpredictable with their behaviour with immense attention, compassion and care. They understand that such students are great at voicing their emotions and thoughts through creativity. Thus, teachers motivate and guide them in channelling their energies into creative outcomes.

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