Why Making Mistakes Is Important In A-Class

We often teach our children to mend their ways and not make mistakes. But it’s important to sense their wire to perfectionism and normalize it with day-to-day mistakes. Mistakes give them a sense of learning various aspects and form an opinion of real-life incidents. These mistakes give a chance to the young learners to experience a wider perspective and acceptance for the regular things in hand and are afraid to try new things in life.

The various benefits of encouraging students to make mistakes in class are:

  • It supports individual learning: Each mistake teaches students certain things. It has been observed that teachers, instead of praising intelligence, should focus on encouraging students to think their mind as flexible and support individual responsibility. Mistakes should be taught as the learning blocks of knowledge.
  • They learn to accept mistakes: Half the battle is realized when you accept that errors can be used as a learning tool for students. The other half is learning to use them correctly. Mistakes can work to our advantage.  Some students resort to memorization rather than risk making errors.  But something is lost if education does not allow students time to try things on their own. Teachers should cater to this model of education to make a greater impact of learning in the longer run.
  • It helps to achieve mastery: Professionals are essentially experts who, after years of study, have learned specifics in a field.  But the process of learning a concept is just as important as the concept itself. Why? It’s because mastery produces learning that is more meaningful and substantial.
  • They act as a discovery process: Allowing time for individual exploration creates opportunities where failures may occur. But these can be taken as important tools to experience and learn. Thus, education should allow students to search, inquire and pursue topics that engage them. It should prepare students to learn on their own in an open-ended manner.  

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