5 Summer Camp Activity Ideas For Students During The Pandemic

Pandemic has taken away the joy and fun of vacations from the lives of the students, and they are relearning the various concepts of summer camps and vacations. Since the pandemic and lockdown from last year, kids are having their virtual or online classes in full swing and are getting used to the idea of taking the classes from home. Thus, traditional summer camps are not in the picture since last year, and this year, they are looking forward to some of the summer camp activities to keep their vacations full of fun, frolic and learning.

Virtual summer camp activities are a tantalizing proposition. It offers parents a chance to have someone take over childcare duties for a minute, opening up opportunities to get work done, do chores, etc. Let’s see at a few virtual summer camp activities that will help student and parents to enjoy their summer times during these unprecedented times of pandemic.

  • Flameless Cooking: This is an activity that kids of all ages enjoy doing, and they learn various skills and concepts during the process. They are made to learn independence and resilience in managing things with great fun and vigour.  

  • Art & Craft: These art and crafts activities are always a hit amongst students, and they enjoy the scope of learning through these activities. They open the creative window of a kid’s mind and give them the freedom of exploring their hidden talents and thoughts. They are a great vent or way to express their emotions and ideas into constructive outcomes.   

  • Planting: Teach the kids the importance of planting trees and plants, and help them create a garden in their house. It could be a great environment-friendly activity for all. They will also form a connect and bond with the healthy and environment-friendly activities from the very start.

  • Connections With Family: It’s important for kids to form strong connection and bonds with family and friends. They can be taught the skills of letter writing and expressing their emotions, and catch up with people.

  • Music & Dance: These activities have a great scope of learning and are a great source of expressing emotions. They are also great activities for kids to learn new habits, skills and activities during their summers. These can well be coordinated at home and will up the overall personality and development of kids.

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