5 Effective Ways To Motivate Students

Even if you think it to be a simple trick, but building motivation and curiosity among students is a tough nut to crack. It is fairly simple to get your students to pay attention to easily understandable subjects, but you cannot make them grow interest levels towards complex chapters that easily. So, motivating students to concentrate in class is a growing challenge among teachers, mainly with significant subjects like Science or Math.

It does not matter how many classes, lessons, and books you take or how well you have prepared for the lesson; if the student isn’t motivated, he will learn nothing. So, a teacher plays a significant role in understanding a student’s trouble spots and motivating them to study by removing the barriers.

Reliable schools like DPSG International will hire the best teachers, who can clearly show you 5 of the effective ways to motivate students to learn better. They will work hard with creative measures to help students pay attention to classes and gain better results out of the subjects. So, let’s focus on those 5 effective ways now!

Helping students to work as a team:

Students get highly motivated when they are asked to work in groups. Team building exercises will excite students as they can get along with their friends and enjoy more interactions. However, it will benefit the entire class as a whole.

  • Group works will help shy students to come forward and take part in the lessons, which they won’t do voluntarily.
  • Even group projects will help your students to engage in some fun-filled activities, which in turn, will help to solve issues faster by working together and experimenting in groups.

The international school in Ghaziabad, namely Delhi Public School Ghaziabad International, understands the value of group study and has already implemented this plan in their schedule. Teachers are now inspiring students to come together and solve problems as one!

Always introduce a new style of learning:

If the lessons get monotonous, it becomes easier for students to lose their concentration level. When textbooks and lectures fail to do the trick, it is important to switch things around in the classroom!

  • Responsible teachers will engage their students with the help of interactive game-based learning modules. It helps in creating a fun atmosphere while teaching students some significant learning concepts.
  • The art of gamification is already in use in various international schools like Delhi Public School Ghaziabad International. It helps in not just engaging students but motivating them in classes.
  • Educational games will help students to not just engage in class but also package skill-based content for the students in every grade to practice. It helps in improving their proficiency level in the end.

Rewards and celebrating achievements:

Sometimes, students need that extra push to achieve a certain goal. During that time, presenting them with incentives will act as a major catalyst for motivating them and also creating a healthy competitive atmosphere.

  • Teachers should reward their students with a sense of accomplishment and must encourage them to work with a particular goal in mind.
  • So, presenting them with smaller rewards like special privilege or class treat to outperform students will force every student to be in their best form all the time.

Introducing growth mindset among students:

Focusing on a growth mindset is one significant step to motivate and then encourage them to learn and understand better. This kind of mindset is mainly defined as a belief that a person can grow and learn within their own abilities.

  • Contrary to a fixed mindset, a growth mindset will encourage the students to learn and work hard towards their goals.
  • So, it is vital for the teachers of DPSG International to promote such a positive mindset to encourage students to take risks and instill confidence within.

Positive feedback as a mode of encouragement:

Students will get motivated to study more if they get praise for their good work. They always look for approval while doing things in the right order and when their works get recognized. So, using positive reinforcement will build a higher level of confidence among students and make them work harder.

Follow these norms:

Reputed organizations like DPSG International will follow these 5 effective ways to motivate and encourage students to do better. You can do the same!

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