Importance of Faring Well in Internal Assessments


The word ‘Examination’ rings an alarm bell for most students and parents, whereas the word ‘Assessments’ seems to be less intimidating and ‘heavy’. The reasons for the mentioned reaction could be many but the most common and understandable one is that ‘Examinations’ are perceived to be more serious, more conclusive and hence more important than assessments. However, it is very significant to understand that ‘Assessments’ have a pivotal role to play. Assessments facilitate diagnosing the learning outcomes of a student or of a class, the progression of learning, the gap areas in learning and building reflection around learning as ‘Assessments’ are measurable even for small components. So, all students across all classes and subjects should take these assessments and their outcome seriously because it is not just about the marks or grades a child gets but also understand where and how a student/students need to improve.

The unprecedented chaos unleashed by Covid-19 pandemic had its own repercussion on learners, teachers and the education system undoubtedly. CBSE had to devise a strategy to assess and declare Board Results for classes X and XII for the session 2020-2021 as Board Examinations could not be held. For Class X, Unit Tests, Mid- Term Assessment and Pre-Board marks were taken into consideration for declaring the Board Results. For class XII, 30% of class X results, 30% of class XI and 40% of Half Yearly and Pre-Boards were taken into consideration for declaring the Board Results. Quite some anxiety prevailed among many children as they knew they had taken the Internal Assessments very lightly, had not studied well and so had not performed so well. The angst turned into dissatisfaction for them when the results were declared as they did not score as per their expectations. Children who had worked hard and performed satisfactorily throughout the year came out in flying colours.

The crux of the matter is Internal Assessments should be taken with the right attitude and understanding. Marks and percentage to be scored, should not rule the perception or concept of taking these assessments. With the right attitude, understanding and guidance coupled with sincerity, every child can track the progress and perform very well, irrespective of the fact there is an emergency or not.

Dipannita Mondal


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