Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning is an educational approach which allows group of learners working together to solve a problem, complete a task, or create a product. The concept of Collaborative Learning is based on 5 C’sCommunicate, Coach, Cooperate, Commitment and Convert.

Students interact and share ideas with each other and participate in activities which they can do together. Collaborative Learning allows students to not only learn from one another but also train. Here they all get a chance to act as a mentor, resulting in development of various skills such as social, communication and self-management.

Students learn to respect each other’s viewpoints and they, very easily, are able to share their thoughts and ideas with others. When students with same interest start working collaboratively, they get motivated and are even more committed to the task. The team work leads to accomplishment of goals and the efforts of each member get converted into a new product .

Students in the primary classes explored the concept of Sources of Energy with their peers. In a group they experienced the mystery box filled with different objects wherein they communicated to find out which source of energy it was. During their discussion they cooperated with each other and were able to fulfil their commitment towards the assigned task.

Richa Arora

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