What is the Art of Experiential Learning?

Art is a medium to express your emotions. So, experiential learning is now gaining quite some popularity among the masses. A reputed institution like DPSG International makes it a point to use the value of art to help students know more about a subject and enjoy a fun-filled experience at the same time. Acting out characters from a story or playing the role of major artefacts in history class will help students to know more about those subjects, but without feeling bored at all!

Right through painting, singing and dancing classes, students get the opportunity to give shape to their thoughts and feelings, and the teachers from the best schools in dasna Ghaziabad, like DPSG, are always there to help!

As a proper mode of communication and expression, art has always been a major part of education. It is believed that a child learns kinaesthetically, and it is a way of engaging sounds, spaces and sights. A reputed institution like DPSG International, one of the top schools in dasna Ghaziabad, will provide little kids with the chance to feel, explore and further learn by engaging not just body but mind and soul as well!

During this current time when the physical spaces are mainly curtailed by pandemics, such tools and artistic freedom will help in discovering self and will become quite important for the little ones.

A major part of the curriculum:

As per the latest New Education Policy, adding arts with other subjects has now become a major part of the curriculum. It will help in bringing in all the art-based subjects right on equal footing with the mainstream subjects.

  • Right from its inception, DPSG International has always believed art to be a major part of the teaching-learning experience.
  • So, the institution has actually invested a lot in the right people and resources to get the best result forward.
  • There are multiple arts, dance and other co-curricular activities available from DPSG, which will help students to explore various forms of arts.
  • They will also get to discover the interest areas and master the same through constant expert guidance over here.
  • You are not just going to make co-scholastic aspects a significant part of your life but will also add the arts to your pedagogy. 
  • So, Art Integrated Learning has now proven to be a core of the curriculum, as followed by the DPSG International institution.
  • Whether it has to do with dramatics and theatre sessions to painting, poetry, sculpting or any other expressive form, all these forms will come together to make teaching methods complete. 

Seamless chemistry is there between the Art and STEAM education. Students now get the chance to experiment and experience various concepts of science and maths with the proper help of creative visualization. That leads toward SMART learning with ART tools.

  • Another major value of Arts Integrated Learning as part of the core method is that it makes the classes more impactful and interesting.
  • Here, the students from DPSG International will not just learn things in an engaging manner but will also get the chance to explore various parts of the topic, which can otherwise prove to be difficult and dry.
  • Art will add up spice to bland chapters and excitement to all those solemn faces. 
  • Through proper dramatics, students get the chance to imagine scenarios, do some role plays and then grasp various concepts with proper ease.

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Understanding experiential learning and why it is important:

Experiential learning is mainly defined to be a procedure of learning by the art of doing. By engaging the students in some of the hands-on experiences and proper reflection, they are all set to connect the knowledge and theories as learned in the classroom to some of the real-world situations over here.

  • The opportunities associated with experiential learning exist in the various course and non-course forms.
  • It will include everything from undergraduate research to community service, study abroad to service-learning, and more.
  • Under experiential learning from DPSG, students will further culminate experiences like student teaching, internships and capstone projects to help shape u[p their careers well later in life.

Why opt for experiential learning:

Now, this forms the major reason why you need to be aware of experiential learning. Knowing more about the advantages beforehand will surely help you venture more into this situation well. So, let’s focus on those points now.

  • When students get the chance to participate in experiential education opportunities from DPSG, they will receive a better understanding of the course material.
  • They will gain a broader view of the said world and will enjoy appreciation of the said community here.
  • There will also be an insight into your own interest, skills, values and passions over here.
  • The students will enjoy some of the major opportunities to work hand in hand with major firms and people.
  • They will further enjoy a positive professional practice and improve their current skillset to an all-new level.
  • There is also going to be a gratification of just assisting in meeting up with the major community needs over here.
  • Apart from that, you have leadership skills and self-confidence as some of the other major parts related to experiential learning that students will receive from DPSG International now.

How teachers from DPSG International help to teach experiential learning:

Being in this field for such a long time, the teachers from DPSG International, a leading  school in dasna Ghaziabad, are more than ready to help students with experiential learning over here. They do that by accepting a less teacher-centric role in the classrooms. 

  • They are all set to approach the learning experience in a rather non-dominating and positive way.
  • Teachers from DPSG International will identify an experience where students will gain some level of interest and be committed to a personal round.
  • They will further explain the main purpose of experiential learning to the kids to help them know the importance it holds these days.

So, whenever you are looking for the overall development of your child, make sure to enrol him or her in DPSG International and let them enjoy the value of experiential learning right away!

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