5 Benefits of developing reading habit in children

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED March 17, 2022, UPDATED February 16, 2023

Every teacher and parent would like to introduce the art of reading among kids during tender ages. There are so many reasons for kids to learn reading from a tender age. Not just for career purposes, but reading helps in broadening up kids’ minds to the fullest. So, they will easily understand the world better around them. It is always important to know more about the benefits of developing reading habits among kids, and the best CBSE board school in Ghaziabad is here to talk about that even more.

They understand the value of reading among kids and will introduce the same within their curriculum. On the other hand, the teachers from DPSG International will even encourage parents to introduce the art of reading at home, where the kids will first learn about its value of it. Even though there are various benefits of developing reading habits, the top 5 are listed below for your reference.

  1. Making you more empathetic:

Reading is a perfect way to escape your life and reach out to a faraway land and put yourself in the perspective of other people. By viewing the world from a separate viewpoint that is not our own, you can become empathetic as well.

The present predominant view is going to be literary fiction, and it can be well linked up to the human capacity for comprehending what other people hold beliefs and desires, and these might differ from your own beliefs and desires as well.

In simple terms, reading will help in understanding people from a different point of view and not just your own. In case you are all curious about the indigenous perspectives, then you can start with some of the suggestions made by reputed schools like DPSG International as your starting point.

  • Reading is one way to keep the brain healthy:

Much like exercise helps the body to stay healthy for a longer span of time, reading is one exercise to keep the brain fit. As they clearly say that you either have to use the brain or just lose it.

Doing puzzles and also reading with your growing age will prove to slow the rate of dementia and Alzheimer’s. So, the next time you are cozying up with your little one and asking him to read a book, always remember that it is focusing on his brain exercises as well.

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  • Reading is scientifically proven to reduce the level of stress:

In case you are planning to reduce the level of stress by under ten minutes, then you might want to do something which is enjoyable. Well, a popular study has recently stated that stress levels are scientifically proven to have declined by around 68% after the participants read for a minimum of just 6 minutes!

It has also been proven that a good book can always transport you to another dimension or place, where your own stresses do not exist. So, you get the chance to relax. That’s why teachers from DPSG International are always looking for ways to introduce reading around here. They have worked on some of the reading clubs as well, where students come to learn more about reading over here.

  • Get the chance to sleep better if you read:

In this present time of consistent technological connection, sleep is the one that gets to suffer a lot. A blue light emitting from the screen will disrupt the melatonin levels. So, checking that one last email or last school project means you are waking up your brain when it should be relaxing.

Then you have the stress of reading the news. So, substituting that with reading a book can always help you to relax big time. Having enough restful sleep ensures that you make up a big impact on how you feel and how productive you are going to be the next day.

In place of checking the work emails or project assignments or even surfing before hitting the bed, you need to out the screen away and reach out for a book instead. Parents should cut short the screen time to help kids get the rest they deserve. Unless you take this step, your kids will keep on getting addicted to net surfing.

  • Reading always sets an example for kids:

In order to attract your kids to start reading, you need to conceptualize the idea in your mind. Little ones have the tendency to follow what their parents are doing. So, they will always start copying the adults around. So, if you have the tendency to read good books, you are literally encouraging the kids to do the same then. So, if you want to set a great example for your kid, start reading on your own!

These five steps will surely develop the habit of reading a book among kids. The teachers from DPSG International will help you to follow the right steps around here.

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