Alumni Corner

DPSGI has been able to forge and maintain a robust bond with its alumni. They have been regularly visiting the school as guests on celebrations and events. The school reaches out to our dear alumni celebrating their joys and successes with them time and again. We also maintain an extensive data bank containing detailed information of all pass-outs and this data is updated regularly to keep abreast of their efforts and achievements
Parth Agarwal of 2019-20 Batch

Samiksha Garg makes us proud by qualifying the JEE Advance.


DPSG International held its first Alumni Meet to recount the beautiful memories of the bygone days with the old students. The Principal Ms. Meera Mathur affectionately welcomed the alumni and expressed her pride at their success. Blessing them for the future she said that the school was their second home and they were always welcome here.

The students nostalgically retold their school anecdotes and relived their most treasured memories. They expressed their gratitude towards the school for making them confident and sensitive individuals and thanked the Principal Ms. Meera Mathur for giving them a chance to connect with the school and teachers again.

The teachers expressed their joy at meeting them and wished them well for the future.


I am so proud of my daughter. her hard work and determination finally paid off. This feeling is beyond my words.

And i am very grateful to all her teachers. As a parent, i know perfect teachers are hard to find, but for me this school has the best teachers. I would like to thank all the teachers for your support, motivation, love and care you gave to my child. I truly appreciate that.

Sharanya Bhardwaj's Parent

(Scored 98.6%)


Our alumnus Mr. Akhil Garg of 2019 20 batch, a budding poet attended the online Kavi Sammelan organized on the occasion of Hindi Diwas. He addressed his peers and juniors and extolled the virtues of Hindi language and its extensive repertoire of literature and poetry. He also encouraged the students to pursue Hindi language diligently in school.


The most turbulent times in our lives are the adolescent years. One could feel like riding a roller coaster, coping with numerous challenges, be it physical, mental or emotional. Our role model at such a transitional phase could only be a peer leader who helps us improve self-esteem, stay well, seek help and support friends. He has a better understanding of our concerns and pressures, who inspires and influences change, teaches us lifelong skills so we can accomplish amazing things.

DPSG International hosted its first Virtual Peer Educator Programme with Mr. Harshit Sharma, an alumnus of DPSG International. Harshit Sharma has been one of our very promising students and a trained peer educator who inspires all with his self-confidence and positive outlook. Leading by example and taking his message to heart, he was sure of sustaining impact beyond the educational sessions.


Manasvi and Kavneesh Kaur of 2015 batch were invited for the felicitation assembly for class X & XII batch 2020 to share their experiences and their success stories. They shared anecdotes of their school journey and tips on how to prepare for not only the board exams but also competitions. They shared their experiences of college and corporate life and how their school learning helped them thrive.


Aditi Singh Of 2018 Batch Was Invited for Satraarambh Assembly 2020 To Share Her Experiences. She encouraged students to embrace every new day with positivity and to participate in all school opportunities.


Our Alumni SHUBHANGI SINGHAL and SHANKNEEL BARMAN of 2014-15 batch were invited for SATRAARAMBH ASSEMBLY 2020 organised for students of X and XII.
Both of them shared their success tips and encouraged the students to work hard towards achieving higher benchmarks in the board exams. They shared the tips and methods they adopted to score top grades in Class XII Boards.


The graduation ceremony for the kindergarten and grade 5 students was also graced by Ujjwal Goel and Aman Garg of 2018 batch, our alumni, who reminisced about the time they spent in the school and how it has helped in shaping their future.


Sarthak Upadhyay , Ayush Dube and Ananya Kalra of 2019 batch were invited to ‘Wonder in AliceLand’ the Junior Wing Annual Day to grace the occasion and to cherish how the school had played an important and significant role in providing a platform to students to discover and hone their inherent talents. They fondly reminisced their own annual function days.


Nirupam , Deepanshi And Varun Of 2018 Batch Were Invited On The Occasion Of Teachers Day 2019.
The alumni came to relive their school time memories and to wish their teachers on their special day. They presented a wonderful musical medley with their choice instruments and recalled fondly the times when they used to present similar items on Teachers’ day.


We invited our alumni Arpit Agarwal of 2016 batch to revel in his success and to claim a small part of it for his juniors. He once again displayed his flair for words as he conducted the quiz with aplomb.
Impreet Singh of 2018 batch used his impeccable theater skills to judge the Nukad Natak and also enthralled the audience with his stupendous performance.


Our alumni Devak Singh , Riddhima Roy Ghosh and Tarun Parashar of 2019 were invited to share their success tips and encourage the students to work hard towards achieving higher benchmarks in the board exams. They shared the tips and methods they adopted to score top grades in Class XII Boards.