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As the Interact calendar comes to a close, we take great pride and pleasure in sharing that the hard work and dedication shown by the interactors of DPSG International has been recognized by the Rotary Club and they have been awarded with a Silver Club Award at the online District Interact 

Recognition Assembly. 

In its first year of inception the DextErous Hands Interact Club has been able to reach out to the society in their own way through various activities.

A ‘Know Your Number Camp’ was held during the Diwali season to raise awareness towards health and fitness. The participants were checked for their BMI and blood pressure. The results surprised many who pledged to change their eating habits and adopt healthy ways. 

The Interactors also organized a Blood Donation Camp in collaboration with Rotary Club Ghaziabad. Doctors and medical professionals from the Rotary Blood Bank worked alongside the school medical team to guide and support the parents who came forward to donate blood. Interactors also dispelled several myths regarding blood donation through their interactions with parents

A fund raiser for the Help Age India Project was also organized to create awareness against the alarming trend of sending senior citizens to old age homes in our society, especially in urban areas. These old age Homes are mostly overcrowded and severely underfunded. To counter this problem Interactors collected funds for the Help Age India.

Through their initiative, the students have been able to make a positive impact on the society and also develop leadership skills and teamwork.

Quizzards Club (Quiz Club) 

Students learn to build their general knowledge, to process and retain information, identify gaps in knowledge as well as monitor their own progress. The club aids in their cognitive development. 

Quizzing their way through various themes - famous personalities, current affairs and politics, national and international events, logos and symbols, abbreviations, science and technology, these children are the inquisitive ones who keep abreast of all that is happening around the world.

Maths Pi Rate Club (Mathematics Club)

Students hone mathematical, reasoning, analytical and logical thinking skills in order to gain problem solving abilities and real-life application. This club is for the ones who love to unravel the magic of numbers, to understand some of the fascinating patterns in their behavior and find surprising applications of those patterns.

Literati Club

Literati Club is for the Book Lovers, who have discovered the joy of reading for pleasure. Books are their best friends, the keys to a treasure trove of knowledge on any topic under the sun. 

Students develop extensive reading & writing skills. They learn reading and writing for pleasure. They develop learner autonomy, language competence, consolidate and sustain vocabulary growth, concentration, self-esteem, empathy, creativity and imagination. Letting loose their imagination they also learn creative writing and poetry, beautifully putting into words their emotions and feelings about the world around them.

Eureka Club (Science Club)

Students enhance their scientific and innovation skills Science, Math, Technology, Engineering and Art. They develop creativity, the habit of exploration and to apply their knowledge in real life situations.

Regular visits to the National Science Centre have proved to be a great way to develop scientific awareness and arouse curiosity among the children. 

Members were a part of the Student’s Solar Ambassadors Workshop to make solar lamps wherein they attempted to make a Guinness World Record of the highest number of people harnessing solar power simultaneously.

Our students participated in the Science Annual Fest Avishkaar 2019. They presented a working model of a Solar Tracker and bagged the 2nd position

Our project FRIGIT at the Inspire Awards 2019 was selected for the National Level. 

Our student qualified the National level of National Children’s Science Congress 2019 from among 350 participants from the State of Uttar Pradesh and went on to participate in the Final Round of the NCSC.

Community Outreach - Interact Club

Students identify their role in the society and create awareness about social issues as well reach out to the needy in orphanages or old age homes. Blood donation camps and collection drives of used books or toys are also organized for underprivileged children. They learn to value social connections.

The Dexterous Hands Interact Club works in close association with the Rotary Cub and has been awarded with a Silver Medal for the various activities that they undertook in 2019. The Interactors organized a Blood Donation Camp, led a fund raiser for Help Age India, and issued health cards to parents. Several students were eligible for the bronze and silver medals while one student qualified for the Gold Medal.

The Technovation Club (IT Club)

Students learn creativity and innovation through Tech Tools. They research information, create web pages/blogs, build robots, learn designing and share their passion for technology. 

The students learn about other countries around the world through global collaboration via skype sessions, create awareness about global warming by recording their voices on Flip grid, making Sway Presentations as well as creating posters and banners to save the Planet. The students learn movie making, custom animations and narration in Power Point to express their views on global issues. Sessions are also based on managing digital footprints and web cyber safety.

Shutter Bugs  - Photography Club


Eat and Greet Club endeavours to equip students with basic skills of preparing simple recipes and also to develop understanding of the nutritional value of the same. The club also aims to encourage everyone to have understanding of food hygiene and food safety. It provides students the opportunity to learn both basic cooking skills and specific cooking styles and techniques from a trained mentor. The chef mentors each member on how to chop vegetables and fruits, saut, fry and bake various meals and vegetables plate and serve delicious meals.

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