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Clubs and Societies


As the Interact calendar comes to a close, we take great pride and pleasure in sharing that the hard work and dedication shown by the interactors of DPSG International has been recognized by the Rotary Club and they have been awarded with a Silver Club Award at the online District Interact

Recognition Assembly.

In its first year of inception the DextErous Hands Interact Club has been able to reach out to the society in their own way through various activities.

A ‘Know Your Number Camp’ was held during the Diwali season to raise awareness towards health and fitness. The participants were checked for their BMI and blood pressure. The results surprised many who pledged to change their eating habits and adopt healthy ways.

The Interactors also organized a Blood Donation Camp in collaboration with Rotary Club Ghaziabad. Doctors and medical professionals from the Rotary Blood Bank worked alongside the school medical team to guide and support the parents who came forward to donate blood. Interactors also dispelled several myths regarding blood donation through their interactions with parents

A fund raiser for the Help Age India Project was also organized to create awareness against the alarming trend of sending senior citizens to old age homes in our society, especially in urban areas. These old age Homes are mostly overcrowded and severely underfunded. To counter this problem Interactors collected funds for the Help Age India.

Through their initiative, the students have been able to make a positive impact on the society and also develop leadership skills and teamwork.


As the Assistant Coordinator for Clubs & Societies at DPSG International, I am proud to support and empower these seven dynamic clubs:

Eureka- Science Club: Inspiring scientific curiosity and innovation among students.

Arts Society- Vocational: Featuring Cookery and Horticulture, this society encourages practical skills and creativity in vocational arts.

Arts Society- Performing: Comprising Happy Feet, Swaradhna, and Rangmanch, this society celebrates and promotes various performing arts.

Bizakeo- Entrepreneurship Club: Cultivating entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen among young minds.

Community Outreach Society: Engaging students in meaningful community service and outreach programs.

Debating Society: Fostering critical thinking and public speaking skills through structured debates.

Journalism and Editorial Society: Nurturing budding writers and editors to articulate their thoughts and ideas.

I am dedicated to guiding these clubs, ensuring they provide enriching experiences that contribute to the holistic development of our students. Each club under my coordination is a platform for students to explore their interests, develop new skills, and make lasting contributions to the community.

Learn more about each club's focus and meet the amazing educators who bring our DPSG International Clubs and Societies to life!


Eureka Club is a vibrant science club dedicated to inspiring students' interest in scientific exploration and discovery. It offers a wide range of activities designed to deepen understanding and foster a love for science. Members engage in hands-on experiments, such as soap making, water filtration projects, Fun experiments in Chemistry, Isolation of DNA, Optical activities which allow them to apply scientific concepts in practical ways. We provide access to well-equipped laboratory facilities and a variety of chemicals and reagents for these activities, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

The Eureka Club also hosts guest speakers and organizes workshops led by experts from various scientific fields, providing valuable insights and exposure to cutting-edge research and developments. Our mentorship program connects students with experienced mentors, including science faculty and industry professionals, who offer guidance and support in scientific pursuits.

Field trips are a key component of our activities, with visits to research institutions, science museums, and natural habitats, offering students real-world experiences that enhance their understanding of science. Additionally, we engage with alumni who share their experiences and provide networking opportunities, helping students explore potential career paths in science-related fields.

Join us at the Eureka Club to explore the wonders of science, participate in exciting projects, and connect with a community of passionate learners and professionals.


(a) Cookery

The Vocational Arts Society is a group of avid learners guided in their journey towards learning essential life skills. The club teaches and promotes practical life skills related to home management, including cooking, sewing, and time management.

Further, it provides an opportunity to celebrate cultural diversity by exploring traditional cuisines, and crafts from different backgrounds. Additionally, the society fosters leadership skills and teamwork among members through group activities, event planning, leadership positions and collaborative projects.

Essentially, this society is a platform where students are encouraged to be creative and proactive in generating ideas, planning activities, and finding solutions to challenges.

(b) Horticulture

The Horticulture Society is more than just a society; it's a vibrant community dedicated to cultivating a love for gardening, an appreciation for nature, and practical skills that will last a lifetime. Our society is a haven for students who are passionate about plants, eager to get their hands dirty, and committed to making our school greener and more beautiful.
Our mission is to educate and inspire students to understand and engage with the natural world through hands-on gardening and plantation activities. We aim to foster a sense of responsibility and stewardship towards the environment, promoting sustainable practices and a deeper connection to nature.
Embark on a journey of growth with the Horticulture Society – where we plant seeds of knowledge and watch them blossom into a greener, more beautiful world.


The Performing Arts Society showcases a wide array of talents and activities across its Theatre, Music, and Dance clubs.


1. Script Writing
The Rangmanch Club organized multiple script writing activities aimed at enhancing the creative writing skills of members. Experienced playwrights and screenwriters conduct these sessions, providing invaluable insights into character development, plot structuring, and dialogue crafting. Participants have the opportunity to write their own short plays.
2. Props Making:
The art of props making is a significant focus every year. Members are trained in designing and creating props using various materials, including recycled items. These props play a crucial role in enhancing the realism and aesthetic appeal of the club's theatrical productions.
3. Mime Acting:
Mime acting helps members explore non-verbal communication in theatre. These sessions emphasize body language, facial expressions, and physical storytelling. The participants learn to convey emotions and narratives without spoken words, deepening their understanding of character development and stage presence.


1. Lyrics Writing:
The Swaradhna Club focuses on developing lyrical creativity through dedicated lyrics writing activities., guiding members through the process of crafting meaningful and engaging lyrics. Participants worked on their own compositions, often collaborating with each other to create original songs.
2. Music Composition:
Complementing the lyrics writing workshops, the club also holds music composition sessions. These workshops cover the fundamentals of melody, harmony, and rhythm. Members experiment with different musical styles and instruments, composing original pieces that are later performed at various events.

Happy Feet

1. Ornaments Making:
The Dance Club conducts workshops on ornament making, which is essential for traditional dance performances. Participants learn to create intricate jewellery pieces and accessories that complement their dance costumes. These activities not only foster creativity but also provide practical skills in crafting and design.
2. Odissi Dance Makeup:
Focusing on the classical Indian dance form, Odissi, the Dance Club offers specialized workshops on dance makeup. These sessions cover the traditional makeup techniques required for Odissi performances, including the use of natural colours and intricate patterns, ensuring that they understand the cultural significance and application of the makeup.
The activities of the Performing Art Society are diverse and enriching, providing members with numerous opportunities to develop their skills and showcase their talents. Through dedicated sessions and collaborative efforts, the Theatre, Music, and Dance clubs significantly contribute to the cultural vibrance of the community.


The BIZAKEO Entrepreneurship & ICT Club aims to create a dynamic environment where learners can explore
and develop their entrepreneurial and technological potential. This club is dedicated to fostering innovation, business acumen and technological skills among learners. We believe in empowering the next generation of leaders and tech-savvy entrepreneurs through practical experiences, mentorship, and collaborative projects. Our club offers a variety of activities designed to inspire and educate the learners of 21st century.


Through participation in the Community Outreach Society, students develop a strong sense of social responsibility and empathy. They gain hands-on experience in organizing and executing community service projects, enhancing their leadership and teamwork skills.
Students also learn the importance of effective communication and project management. By addressing real-world issues, they build problem-solving abilities and resilience.


The Debating Society of the school nurtures critical thinking, eloquence, and self-assurance in students. Through structured debates on various issues, members refine their argumentative skills and expand their worldviews. The society emphasizes respectful dialogue and intellectual growth, fostering a vibrant community where ideas are freely exchanged, encouraging students to become articulate and informed individuals.


Journalism and Editorial Society is the voice of the next generation, where we use current news and information to engage, empower and guide the thoughts, words and actions of our students.
We help our students develop media literacy and ethical responsibility, identify bias, stereotypes and persuasive techniques as well as creative writing skills to help them navigate the world and express themselves effectively. They learn to analyze information, form balanced opinions, and communicate with confidence. Our club activities include report writing, writing social media posts, preparing interview questionnaires and conducting interviews, editing, article writing and panel discussions.
The society emphasizes building strong written and verbal communication skills, acknowledging their importance in both traditional and digital media. By engaging in various inter-club activities and workshops, students will buy essential firsthand experience and practical knowledge. These opportunities will equip them with the essential skills needed for future success in journalism and related fields.