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Digital Classrooms

Smart Board-Technology is entwined in every part of our school culture. It affects our way of life and how or what we learn.  Our school is effectively deploying technology-aided learning, web based digital resources and electronic tracking as a part of school education. Integrating technology in education helps students stay engaged. So, every classroom has smart boards and online learning resources to make learning more fun and engaging.

Teachers and students access these resources – anytime, anywhere. Blended learning and Online classes are the new normal for all the educators of DPSG International.  Students and teachers are also connected in  Microsoft Teams  where various materials and resources are shared for a better understanding. The traditional passive learning model is broken. With technology in the classroom the learning becomes student led and student centric. The teacher plays the pivotal and pastoral role of the axis, the designer of learning programmes and materials , the learning mediator and facilitator.