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A school is as grand and effective as the exposure and experience of the faculty. Teachers play a crucial role in enhancing not only the learning experience of children but also to generate a sense of purpose of life among the learners. They mould young minds to transform them into mindful responsible global citizens who are capable to making a difference to their own life and that of others too. At DPSG International the faculty is recruited through a rigorous 5 step selection process and therefore only the best personnel in the field make through it. We are not only proud of the abilities of the faculty members of our school, but we train them and carve their potential through the regular training programmes and Professional Development Opportunities.

Celebrating the Terrific Team of DPSG International!

On our Hall of Fame List today is the very capable and confident Senior Wing Coordinator Ms. Nidhi Narayan 

She believes that when everyone moves forward together, success is sure to follow.

With a Master’s degree in Political Science from Delhi University, Ms. Nidhi has graduated from the prestigious Miranda House College, which has given her an unmistakable charm, an opinion and a voice to put it forward too.

For her students, she is a role model who cares for them, listens to them and helps them take life’s challenges in their stride. Her extensive knowledge and innovative ideas make her classes enriching and vibrant. 

With an experience of over 14 years in the field of education, Ms. Nidhi is highly motivated, with great interpersonal and communication skills to foster meaningful and lasting relationships with students, teachers and parents. 

This is what learning is all about— a strong teacher-student bond that goes beyond the classroom and textbooks!

Celebrating the Terrific Team of DPSG International!

Our Hall of Fame Member Alert!

Ms. Rekha Guleria - Coordinator Secondary Wing & School Proctor

A highly skilled and overtly student-focused educational leader, Ms. Rekha Guleria, Head Proctor &

Wing Co-Ordinator, DPSG International comes with a vast experience in teaching and academic administration. 

A recipient of several awards like the Global Teacher Award, the Teacher Innovation Award, MIE Expert etc., she has also worked as a Management Representative of the school for ISO and upgraded the school processes and systems as per the level of ISO 9001:2015. She possesses a strong commitment to the development of the students and staff, and is adept at providing a stimulating, safe, and motivating learning environment.  
DPSGI believes in excellence, and she is an asset to the school as she is a trustworthy and passionate professional with good software, organizing, and communication skills. She strongly believes in 'together we can make a big difference', and thus is dedicated to developing strong and lasting relationships with all stakeholders of the school community.

Mr. Rajeev Kumar-Head of IT Department & ICT Coordinator at DPSGI

On our Hall of Fame List today is Mr. Rajeev Kumar- HOD IT Department and ICT Coordinator, DPSGI.   

With a Master’s degree in both Information Technology and Computer Applications, Mr. Rajeev is both qualified and equipped to prepare his students for the future. 

With his calm and patient persona, he is a warm and caring teacher who wants all children to be successful learners and works to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging, and conducive to the varied needs of students. 

With a rich experience of over 15 years in the education sector, he is loved by his students and inspires them to overcome new challenges every day. 

In today’s technology driven world, his students look upto him for guidance, knowledge and the best career related advice in the field of IT.

We are proud to provide our students with ample opportunities to learn, grow and soar high!

Ms.Geeta Goel- Head of Science Department at DPSGI

A motivated , dedicated and loved teacher who never ceases to impress her learners with her skill set. 22 years of experience in the Education Sector is just a number for her for she believes in adding value to every moment in time! 

Ms.Geeta is an alumnus of the famous St. Anthony's Convent Agra, she has been an avid Sports  Person cum Athlete and has played Hockey in various competitions at school and college level.

She holds a Master's Degree in Botany from St. John's College, Agra and that's where she developed her connection and bonding with the plant world! Her love for nature makes her seamlessly transfer all her knowledge and conceptual understanding to her students who are Environmental Activists in the making! 

Isn't that the need of the hour; Learning that holds value for the 

present and the future!

DPSGI indeed has been blessed with the best! Celebrating the Terrific Team of DPSG International!

Meet our Hall Of Fame Member

Ms. Dipannita Mondal- Head of English Department at DPSGI. 

She has a  rich experience spanning over 23 years! An Alumnus of the famous Carmel Convent School, West Bengal,  she won the 'Iconic Educationist Award 2021' for she  bestows on her students the art of using the language flawlessly. 

She has been a Master Trainer in  Project ASL- Assessment of Speaking and Learning initiated by CBSE in collaboration with the Trinity College London.

She was the University Topper of Masters in English at the University School of Shantiniketan started by Tagore. She is also a Graduate in Music! Now we know where all the Music Integration in her classes comes from!

Wow! No wonder DPSG International is the best because it builds relationships with people who bring out the best! 

Meet DPSG International's Hall Of Fame Member Mr. Munish Sharma today! 

Mr. Munish effortlessly works towards eradicating fear of Mathematics from the minds of his students. He is a mastermind who promotes inquiry in the subject and bestows on his learners the gift of great thinking and problem solving.

With an experience of around 20 years in the education sector, his Maths lessons are fun, engaging, hands on and comprehensive as described by his learners.

With a degree in Mathematics from Lucknow University, Mr. Munish has  been working with CBSE as the Head Examiner - Mathematics. He has also worked as the CBSE Moderator to verify CCE Evidences produced by schools across the country.

How do you like the crème de la crème of DPSGI? Comment down below if you wish to peep into their class sometime!

On our Hall of Fame List today is Mr. Chetan Chauhan- Coordinator, Sports and Physical Education, DPSGI

An exceptional sports person committed to promoting discipline and excellence amongst his students, he helps them stay fit, make healthy choices throughout life and build a strong character. 

A natural leader, he is admired by all his students for his inspiring and enthusiastic attitude, discipline, team spirit and infinite patience in dealing with challenging situations.

With an experience spanning over 17 years in the area of sports education, his expertise in skating has helped students outshine at National and International Skating Tournaments. 

His competence in other sports disciplines has enabled him to be appointed as CBSE Observer at zonal level events for Athletics and Hockey too. He is a CBSE Resource Person and Master Trainer for Khelo India Fitness Programme. Apart from sports his area of interest includes travelling, photography and technology. He is the proud winner of the prestigious IPN Global Inspire Award for the Tech Leader of the Year 2021. He is an MIE Expert and an Adobe Creative Educator as well. His professional insight and strong convictions make him a truly dedicated educationist that any institution would be proud of.

DPSGI is a school that promotes an international dimension and a global perspective in education at all levels—be it academics or sports!

Celebrating the Terrific Team of DPSG International!

On our Hall of Fame List today is Mr. Bharat Kumar- Head of Chemistry Department at DPSGI.

Mr. Bharat is an avid Researcher in the field of Biotechnology, he has worked with top Biotech Companies and he even has International Patents in the domain of siRNA to his credit! Some of his Research Studies are Internationally Acclaimed and have been published in top International Peer Reviewed Journals!

With an experience spanning over 9 years in the Education Sector, his classes are relatable, practical and looked forward to, by all our learners! His interest, inclination and passion towards teaching Chemistry is well appreciated by students. He is recalled and remembered fondly by our Alumni as an educator who tapped their potential the right way!

Such a huge asset he is to the Learning Community at DPSGI!


DPSG International, an abode of excellence provides endless  opportunities to grow for Staff and Students alike. The school boasts of having, 11 Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts, 7 Adobe Creative Ambassadors, 3 Microsoft Certified Educators, 2 Microsoft Office Specialists and 1 Microsoft Innovative Expert Fellow. The  sky is the limit to the opportunities for our students with such accomplished staff!


The school is proud to share that Mr. Bhupesh Joshi, the theatre faculty of the school, has been honoured with the Safdar Hashmi Award by the prestigious Sangeet Natak Academy. A graduate of Bhartendu Natya Academy, Mr Joshi is committed to his art and holds an experience of 22 years in theatre and films.


At DPSG International, it has been our constant endeavor that our teachers are proficient at the latest pedagogy and educational technology. In addition to the annual stringent training programmes we conduct regular training updates for teachers. We take pride in the fact that the peer training programmes through the Professional Learning Communities instituted by the management have been immensely effective at multiplying the potential of each teacher and developing and enriched community of life-long learners.


Vision drives any institution towards its Mission. the School Leaders Conclave is organized twice a year under the guidance of the visionary leadership of Mr. Om Pathak, Chairman DPSG Society. The SLC is a platform to bring together the academic administration from all the schools under the DPSG Society to one platform, the chosen one being in the lap of nature at SIS and DPSG Dehradun. The lush green campus compliments the new awakening, learning from peers and seniors as well as sharing of best practices .

The group meets to deliberate upon 21st Century Learning in the world of education. The SLC has been successful at Building Leadership Skills, expanding horizons and building a shared vision for all DPSGS Schools.


Microsoft Educators Exchange E2 is an Annual Premier Event that brings together several hundreds of educators together to participate from across the world. E2 is one of the most sought-after events for educators and only a select few get the opportunity to participate in this event sponsored by Microsoft. The educators are selected based on their proactive efforts in the use of Microsoft Technologies, their innovative projects in the field of education and their initiative in empowering and training more and more educators in the effective use of education technology. The event offers the opportunity to collaborate, create, and share experiences on how to integrate technology and pedagogy to advance learning, achieve student outcomes, and transform education.

DPSGI has been a fore runner in adopting the education Technology and we take pride in having the faculty who made it to represent the school at E2 in different years at Singapore and Seattle, USA. Being winners in their educator’s challenge in their respective groups has been a manifestation of the quality of training DPSGI Offers. The experience at E2 has helped these educators to reach out to fellow teachers and to become a part of their growth and empowerment journey too.


Adobe India organised their Annual Adobe Creativity Summit 2019 ON the theme ‘Add Spark to Foster Digital Literacy and Creativity Skills’. The event saw the participation of more than 120 educators Pan-India. The educators presented their work on Adobe Spark tools under four strands. The DPSGI family takes immense pride in being winners in all four strands. Creative teachers indeed lead their students to unfold their hidden potential in their classrooms.