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Head of Schools’ Desk

Dear Parents,

The true purpose of education is to open the doors of a wonderful new world for children to explore, discover and learn. Learning is not about answering questions. It is about developing an innate curiosity—ask questions, wonder why, investigate and search for a deeper understanding.

Education in its highest form ensures a safe environment to children where they can take risks, ask questions, make mistakes, learn to trust, share their feelings, and grow. This includes not only educating the mind but also the heart, the formation of character, morals and value systems. It also helps in creating a positive mind space, one that nurtures positive emotions and enhances happiness.

We, at DPSG International, believe that when schools, families and community groups come together to support education, students tend to do better in school as well as in the wide world outside. Though the academic session 2021-22 was an unprecedented experience for all of us, we emerged stronger in the Post Covid phase. The school is once again abuzz with the chitter-chatter of students, moving ahead with dreams and aspirations for the future.

My heartiest congratulations to our brilliant students who have yet again excelled and done the school proud, by achieving outstanding results in the CBSE Board Examinations. Moreover, their exceptional performance at the JEE, NEET, KVPY and ICAI CA Exams is an inspiration for others to follow.

In this brave new world where technology rules, we, at DPSG schools have explored better opportunities to identify and innovate new teaching learning tools and strategies. In order to address students’ needs for both Scholastic as well as Foundational domains, we are continuously guided by Curriculum Design 2020 (CD 2020) — a comprehensive futuristic school education programme. Curriculum Design 2020 is essentially a Student-led Inquiry-based learning programme, where students explore, research and discover new dimensions to the prescribed syllabi, utilizing the world of diverse information to their advantage. It is based on the customized developmental continuum and the DPSG learner profile for the different stages of schooling. We, at DPSG International strive to develop academic excellence as well as the attitudes, dispositions, values and beliefs essential to succeed in a highly competitive and dynamic world outside.

An authorized IB World School for the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program, an IDS accredited school by British Council for three consecutive terms and a ‘Fit India’ School as per the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, DPSG International has truly made its presence felt as a pioneer in various fields. Innovation and excellence go hand in hand for us. Revolutionizing the education system, we have yet again been proclaimed the leaders in Holistic Development. DPSGI has proved time and again that being the Best is second nature to us.

Apart from achieving excellence in academics, DPSG International is making a mark as a Centre of Excellence for Sports. Specialised coaches for various disciplines of sports and games ensure proficiency and improved performance of students empowering them to outshine in the field of sports Internationally.

We have achieved new milestones by successfully hosting a multitude of celebrations and Inter School Programmes-- the Founder’s Day, Chairman’s Cup, Fit-O-Mania, Festinobeats, Spontania, DPSGI Techno-fest, E-Vivacity and many more. A successful IB PYP Evaluation outcome with 4 commendations has been a testimony of our commitment to maintain world class standards. The School Student Council, Interact Club Outreach, Annual IB PYP Exhibition and Student Led Conferences have been an endeavour to empower our students as leaders and trail blazers.

The latest feather in our cap has been the extraordinary accomplishment of the Interact Club of DPSG International. Being honoured with the Elite Club Award by Rotary District 3012 in just the third year of its inception is truly remarkable! The diligence, determination and dedication of the Interactors is indeed commendable.

DPSGI is essentially a vibrant, lively and inclusive institution that transcends all boundaries to build confident, skilled and strong individuals who would create new success stories each day.

My sincere gratitude to all the stakeholders of DPSGI for keeping their trust and belief in the school. Wishing my children a very happy and successful academic session ahead.

Best Wishes

Soma Singh

Head of School

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