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DPSGI welcome their students back to another incredible year!
From new friendships to exciting adventures, the first day was filled with laughter and learning. Here's to a year full of growth, success, and unforgettable memories! #DPSGInternational #FirstDayFun #BackToSchool #NewBeginnings #LearningJourney #StudentLife #SchoolDays #ExcitedForTheYearAhead"

Mathematics Week 2023
Mathematics offers a hopeful perspective by suggesting that every problem has a solution. It permeates various aspects of life, from nature to technology, fostering computational skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. DPSGI acknowledges the significance of mathematics education in shaping well-rounded learners.
In India, National Mathematics Day is commemorated annually on December 22 to honor the birth anniversary of the renowned mathematician Sir Srinivasa Ramanujan. Celebrating this day, DPSGI organized a vibrant 'Math Week' in the primary wing. Throughout the week, students from Starz to Grade V enthusiastically participated in diverse and enjoyable activities designed to cultivate their love for math.
In the Starz class, students presented a 'Talk Show on Shapes,' incorporating engaging activities like Number Rhymes, Let's Count, and Roll and Dice. These hands-on activities, such as 'Let's Count' and 'Roll and Dice,' encouraged active participation in counting exercises and comprehension of probability concepts using dice.
For Grades I to V, the week included activities like Rhyme Craft, Mathematical Beats, Geometric Groove, Cootie Catcher, Symphony of Patterns, Number Sprint Challenge, Place Value Hoops, Hide and Seek, Child Prodigy, Mind Master Show Down, Math Marvel, and Scavenger Hunt. Students not only had fun but also showcased real-life examples of applying math in daily life.
The event successfully captivated students' interest in the fascinating world of mathematics, emphasizing that learning at DPSGI is always a fun and enriching experience.

IB PYP Speaker
PYP educator at DPSGI passionately discussed IB PYP learner profiles, emphasizing holistic development and individual student growth.

Celebrating Purple Color Day
DPSGI celebrated Purple Color Day with a burst of vibrancy as students of STARZ adorned themselves in all shades of purple and created a lively and colorful atmosphere in the school to commemorate the day.

Gurupurab Celebration
The halls of DPSGI were ablaze with joy and cultural fervor as the school celebrated Gurupurab with unparalleled enthusiasm. The occasion was marked by a spectacular gathering of Starz students in vibrant traditional attire, showcasing the rich heritage and diversity of our country.
Adding to the festivities, the school welcomed a special guest speaker, a student of class VII- Harnoor Singh, to illuminate the significance of Gurupurab. Harnoor shared insights into the festival's importance, guiding everyone through its cultural and spiritual significance with eloquence and passion.
The school looks forward to hosting more such culturally enriching events to continue fostering a sense of unity and understanding among its students.

Botanical Adventure
Our nursery stars embarked on a botanical adventure, in the school plant nursery, immersing themselves in the vibrant world of brinjal, tomato, cauliflower, ladyfinger, carrot, radish and more! The visit sowed the seeds of curiosity and environmental wonder, cultivating a garden of knowledge that blossomed in the minds of the young learners.

KG - Young Risk Takers
The DPSGI International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) recently witnessed an incredible showcase of young risk-takers from our vibrant kindergarten students. The school is thrilled to present an exclusive video highlighting their remarkable enthusiasm, energy and their delightful embrace of challenges.

Celebrating Excellence: Learner Profile of the Week

We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on our exceptional young minds at the IB PYP Primary Wing of DPSGI! Every week, we proudly acknowledge and celebrate our students as our distinguished "Learner Profile of the Week."
The students have exemplified the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) learner profiles with unwavering commitment and enthusiasm. Their dedication to become well-rounded individuals, inquisitive thinkers and caring members of the community has truly set them apart.
Whether it's demonstrating open-mindedness in collaborative projects, showcasing creativity in their learning journey, or exhibiting resilience when faced with challenges, our students consistently embody these qualities, contributing to a vibrant and dynamic academic community.
As we honour students as the Learner Profile of the Week, we also extend our gratitude to the parents who have played a pivotal role in nurturing and supporting their growth.
Let us continue to inspire and encourage our students to embrace the IB PYP learner profiles, fostering a community of learners who are not only academically proficient but also compassionate, reflective and principled individuals.

Acknowledging Artist of The Week in Primary IBPYP

At DPSG International, we believe that recognizing student's achievements not only boosts confidence but also inspires them to pursue their artistic interests. Students actively participate in art-related extracurricular activities and contribute to the school's artistic community. Their involvement in many events has showcased their commitment to the school's artistic culture. Their passion for artistic expression is evident in the quality and creativity of their work, setting them apart as a standout student artist.
By implementing this initiative, the school principal created a supportive and encouraging environment that values and celebrates the artistic talents of students at DPSG International.

Three Way Conference

The Three-Way Conference held on November 18 at DPSG International's primary wing was a resounding success, fostering effective communication among teachers, parents, and students. Parents actively engaged in discussions centered on their child's academic progress. Each session focused on individual student development, offering comprehensive insights into their achievements, strengths, and areas for improvement. Teachers provided detailed assessments, highlighting commendable efforts and suggesting personalized strategies for improvement. The conference provided an interactive platform for open dialogue, enabling collaborative goal setting for academic and personal growth.
Overall, the event strengthened the partnership between DPSG International, parents, and students, nurturing a collaborative environment committed to the students' educational and personal development.

Story Telling Competition using puppets

Students of DPSGI Primary wing participated in Intra-class Storytelling with Puppet Competition held on October 30, 2023. This competition was a celebration of creativity and puppetry, aiming to nurture young minds and enhance their storytelling skills. Our talented participants of grade 1, 2 and 3 showcased their imaginative abilities, bringing enchanting tales to life on the stage through the captivating art of puppetry.
The competition provided a platform for these budding storytellers to exhibit their oratory skills creativity and puppetry talents, fostering a love for storytelling and encouraging their expressive abilities.
This competition is just the beginning, and we look forward to more creative endeavors, empowering our students to express themselves and continue sharing their enchanting stories in the future. Thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey! Stay tuned for more upcoming events.

Classroom Engagements

The kindergarten CVC word learning journey at DPSGI reflects the school's commitment to making learning enjoyable and effective. By blending collaborative learning, individualized activities, and quick assessments like exit tickets, the students experienced a holistic and engaging learning process. To assess comprehension and reinforce learning, 'exit tickets' were introduced. It is evident that learning at DPSGI is not only educational but also fun-filled and interactive, promoting a love for learning among the youngest learners.

'IB PYP Educator Speaks'

"Being an IB PYP educator is a rewarding experience for every teacher, as they play a crucial role of facilitators in the creation of internationally minded, knowledgeable adults for the future. At DPSGI, we ensure that the learners dig deep and see connections to what they already know which leads to new learning."
Every moment is a moment to learn!

Remember the olden days when education was all about writing and mugging up?
Take a look at our learners enjoying education in its true spirit!

Glimpses: PYP Exhibition
Take a look at future leaders in the making: so confident, elegant yet so expressive!
The PYP exhibition is the ideal platform for student voice and agency. Here is a glimpse of our Grade V learners inquiring, brainstorming, interviewing industry experts, exploring tech tools, researching and creating benchmarks through their learning journey!

Learning Support: PYP Exhibition
‘We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.’
Mentoring young learners and guiding them through an enriching educational journey is the key to becoming successful PYP educators. Let’s hear what our Mentor Ms. Dikshit Kaur has to say as she supported her students and facilitated them through an inquiry on ‘Technology’- A concept that surely gained relevance during the pandemic era!

Exploring Space: PYP Exhibition
‘So much of universe, little time to explore!’
Inquirers of Grade V studied and explored ‘Space’ and its vast expanse through an inquiry into the solar system- a space so unrelatable yet so exciting and appealing! The research through the unit provided students with ample opportunities for creation and connection.
Dive into the world of learning engagements and discussions beyond textbooks and experience practical learning!

Special Guest- PYP Exhibition
‘Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory’
We were delighted to have with us, Dr. Shabda Birfani Bedi, Director- Education, Research & Design (ERD) -DPSG Society, sharing with us her valuable inputs for the Virtual PYP Exhibition 2021-22. Her motivational and kind words lauding the students for their efforts brought a twinkle to the eyes of all the participating students, parents and all their mentors! It was indeed a proud moment for all the Grade V learners!

Special Guest- PYP Exhibition
Ms. Vandana Parashar – PYP Coordinator, Pathways School Noida graced the Virtual PYP Exhibition 2021-22 with her benign presence and valuable inputs. Words of encouragement and motivation from her spread happiness and cheer. A smile on the face of all our hardworking children and their mentors surely made our day!

Tech Talk- PYP Exhibition
‘We are changing the world with technology!’
Did we ever think of online education? Not really! It’s technology that made it possible! Watch our Grade V students explore and create ‘Tech Time Lines’ and engage in ‘Tech Talks’ oozing confidence and panache. Do you think the world is technology driven? Well our students surely have a lot to say about it…Take a look at the video!

Learning Support - PYP Exhibition
‘A good mentor hopes you will move on, a great mentor knows you will.’
Mentoring young learners and guiding them through an enriching educational journey is the key to becoming successful PYP educators. Let’s hear what our Mentor Ms. Richa Arora has to say as she supported her students and facilitated them through an inquiry on ‘Food’- a topic enjoyed by all participating students as they could relate to it really well!

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DPSG International, an IB World School brings out the Best in the Learner through an Inquiry Based Approach

DPSG International, an IB World School brings out the Best in the Learner through an Inquiry Based Approach. The IB PYP approach helps the learner internalise Scientific Concepts and emerge as a True Inquirer, Researcher, Communicator and Influencer. Here is Pavitr of Grade 4 with a role play of 'The Stratosphere', where he explains how the Earth's atmosphere protects and sustains life on Earth.


Grade V students put up an impressive show in a special assembly organized on 16 July 2021 on the transdisciplinary theme ‘How We Organise Ourselves’. They explored various forms of governments through role plays and presented a thought- provoking skit on Fundamental Rights and Duties. They shared their understanding of the Constitution of India and the two houses of Parliament. The children also shared the outcomes of their research project on the the United Nations.
Mr. Lee Sullivan, Lead PYP educator from Hongkong and Ms. Sreelatha Kumar PYP Principal from Hyderabad were the special guests for the day. Grandparent Guest Speaker, Mr. H.C. Kapoor added value to the assembly as he elaborated upon the election procedure in India.
Applauding the efforts of the students, Principal Ms. Meera Mathur encouraged them to take inspiration from the life and achievements of Nelson Mandela and uphold the values of freedom, respect for human rights and world peace.

PYP Exhibition 2021
Reflections on his Inquiry by Manas Arya