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The arts are an essential element of education--keys that unlock profound human understanding and accomplishment.

At DPSGI, we believe that art is a celebration of life itself. We inspire our students to develop an appreciation of the arts painting, music, dance and theatre. Children are introduced to Visual and Performing Arts from an early age. Fine Arts, Theatre, Dance and Music are offered as optional subjects of learning in Classes XI and XII.


Music and rhymes resound throughout the school campus. The early years learners take their first baby steps into the world of knowledge through rhymes and songs. They learn the language through phonetics and sound. As they grow older, they are exposed to Indian and Western songs. Music is embedded into the transdisciplinary curriculum. The children learn to express themselves by composing their own rhymes and limericks even raps. The students compete to get into the school choir which makes each event in school memorable through its wonderous and thematic songs. Regular competitions at both intra-school and inter-school see our students excel in this field. They also learn to play the Tabla, Guitar, Synthesizer, Drums, Harmonium to which they have easy access in school.

Extraordinary Achievements

Nandita Ayyar won the 2nd prize at the Deshraj Major Ranjit Singh Akhil Bhartiya Sangeet Pratiyogita Allahabad conducted by Prayag Sangeet Samiti for her extraordinary Classical Vocal Solo performance.

Tarun Parashar won the third prize in Deshraj Major Ranjit Singh Akhil Bhartiya Sangeet Pratiyogita for his Solo Tabla recital.


Dance is the music of the soul. You will rarely find a DPSGI student who does not enjoy dancing or participate in it. Exposure starts very early with even our tiny tots putting up dance performances for various festivals and school events on stage. The students get opportunities to learn Indian Classical Dance and Western Dance. The students of Primary Wing have also got the chance to perform and learn the elegant ball dance and salsa. Rhythmic Gymnastics is the forte of the school. The annual extravaganzas are a thrill to behold.

A love and passion for all dance forms Indian, Classical, Semi Classical, Indian folk and Western dance, enables our students to participate and perform well in all Inter School and National level competitions.


Our students are professionally trained in classical dance forms of Kathak and Odissi, winning accolades at the National and the International level.


Ananya Kalra, a prolific Kathak dancer has won many awards and accolades at National and International events. She has participated and bagged the first position at the following events:

  • 4th International classical dance festival and competition by Nrityanjali held at JNU,Delhi
  • Nrityadhama- International Classical Dance Competition
  • Nritya Fest 2019 at Shri Ram Centre, Delhi (22nd and 23rd November 2019)
  • Kalashrestha Award at Karthiayani Auditorium by Nrityalaya (5th November 2019)
  • Aaroh 2019 By Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya

Reetika Yadav made the school proud by winning the 1st prize at the National competition conducted by Prayag Sangeet Samiti Allahabad for her solo Odissi performance.

Srijita Pal won the first prize for her solo performance at the 27th Gandharva Sangeet Mahavidyalaya Competition, Ghaziabad for Bharatnatyam.


The children are acquainted with beat, tempo, speed, rhythm in the primary years through basic hip hop, jazz and rock ‘n’ roll. In higher classes they learn advanced urban choreography, lyrical hip hop, jazz funk and contemporary dance.


A comprehensive Acting and Theatre Curriculum is offered at DPSGI-- Indian Classical and Modern Theatre, Western Theatre, Musical Theatre, Street Play and Mime Act.Students learn different styles of acting, voice modulation, mimicry, stagecraft and are also involved in the production process. The vibrant and enigmatic performances on stage showcase the inherent talent and versatility of our students. The annual functions (VAPS) both for junior and senior wing are visual extravaganzas. For the primary wing we present an English dance drama entirely recorded and performed by the students.


We regularly organize Spic Macay events in school to promote Indian art and Culture. We have had stalwarts like Shovana Narayan (Kathak), Rajkumar Singhajit singh (Manipuri), Rani Khanum (Kathak), Arushi Mudgal (Odissi), Kalamandalam Amaljith (Kathakali), Teejan Bai and many more performing in the school campus. The sessions are mesmerizing and provide an opportunity to our students to interact with such renowned artistes.