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The shining stars of DPSG International have once again proved their mettle with a stupendous Class XII Board Result. Our very capable and competent students kept the school banner flying high with a commendable school average of 86.23%.

Manvi Chauhan from the PCB Stream topped the school with a whopping 97.5%. Vardaan Chauhan topped PCM with 96.25%. Chirag Agarwal topped the Commerce Stream with a commendable 95.5% and Dalenaaz is the Humanities topper with 95.25%.

The Average for Humanities Stream is 88.25%, the Commerce Stream Average is 87.14% and for the Science Stream the Average is 85.5%. Students have truly made us proud with a total of 16 perfect 100s in many subjects.

We congratulate all the shining stars of our school for adding another glorious chapter to a blazing trail of success stories. Principal Ms. Amita Bajpai extended her heartfelt congratulations to the students and their parents for the remarkable achievement.

Class X Result 2023-24

The CBSE Board Examination Class X result of Delhi Public School Ghaziabad International has been remarkable, showcasing the dedication and hard work of our students. Anirudh Goyal emerging as the topper, secured an outstanding 96.4% setting a high standard for excellence. Following closely behind are Parisha Singhal with 95.6% and Yuvraj Bhatnagar with 94.8%. The school takes pride in announcing a stupendous average score of 80.42%, showcasing the collective effort and commitment of all our students and educators. Notably, we also celebrate one perfect score of 100% in Science, exemplifying the excellence our students strive for in their academic pursuits. Congratulations to all the students for their outstanding performance!

The students of DPSG International bring glory to the school yet again with their meticulous board exam performance in 2023!

DPSG International always ends up feeling proud of its students after every board result and this year is no exception too. The brilliant performances by the students of classes X and XII have left us all in glee.

The X and XII Board examinations conducted by Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) are always more than just exams for the students of DPSG International. It’s their consistency and hard work that make DPSG International one of the top CBSE schools in Ghaziabad and once again, we’ve set our benchmark a notch higher in AISSE and AISSCE 2023.

The school’s top scorer in X Board examination is Pradanya Singh who scored 98% marks and made her family and the school proud. She was followed by other amazing performances where Shreya Yadav scored 97.4%, Nishty Agarwal scored 96.8% and several students scored a perfect 100 in individual subjects.

This is not it! The school average of AISSE was an enthralling 86.7%

But the good news doesn’t stop here! The students who appeared for Class XII Board examination broke all records and outperformed everyone. Heartiest congratulations to Aditri Narula from Humanities for scoring 99% in 5 core subjects and proving your mettle in the best possible way. She had also been the Joint Country Topper in AISSE with 99.8%. Soumika Agarwal topped the Commerce Stream with a commendable 97.8% and Gopal Bansal proudly claimed the third position with 95%.

The school average came out to be 83.69% for which every student deserves a round of applause.