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The need for safe passage of each child to school and back home is of paramount importance to us. School transportation plays a consistent and long-term role in the lives of children from Pre-school through high school. Our school provides the students with comfortable, well maintained, air-conditioned buses. Keeping in view the safety and security of our learners, the buses are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS), Speed Governors, Cameras and First Aid kit. Our school buses are driven by experienced drivers and manned by reliable conductors. All employees have background checks and police verification. All our bus drivers and conductors are periodically trained on traffic rules and regulations.

Each bus has a driver, guard and a lady attendant and bus in-charges accompanying the students. Besides ensuring the implementation of the safety norms, all staff on the bus is well trained in first aid and emergency management. The guards carry school mobiles and can be tracked easily through this medium as well. The routes of the school buses are framed keeping in mind the needs of the parents. The transport facility is available to the students strictly on first come first serve basis. The fleet plies in all areas of Ghaziabad, NH 24, CISF and Crossing Republic. The bus facility is also available to Hapur, Pilakhua, Muradnagar and Modinagar.

GPS and Camera - Our school buses are well equipped with GPS devices and Cameras to deal with any kind of emergency. the authorities are automatically notified of the vehicle location.


  • The first pick up and last drop in each route is either a teacher or a lady guard.
  •  All students are under the watchful eye of a responsible adult at all points of time
  • Proper seating charts are made, to ensure discipline.

Codes of Conduct for the Bus Commuters/ The Bus Etiquettes 


  1. Students who avail the school Bus / Transport facility service should report to the assigned pick-up point at least five minutes before the stipulated time.
  2. The buses will not wait for any late comers.
  3. Regular attendance is taken by the bus in-charges in the morning and afternoon for students travelling by bus.
  4. The teacher in- charges will be present in the bus till the end of the route or until the last child in the bus gets off to ensure the safety of the children travelling in the bus.
  5. Students should not stretch their head or hands out of the bus.
  6. Bus monitor and Bus Teacher-in-Charge will be responsible for orderly behavior in the bus. Any serious offence must be reported to the Principal.
  7. A student will not be permitted to board a bus other than the one to which he/she is assigned.
  8. If a student misses his allotted bus, he should not try to board any other bus. It is the responsibility of the parents to drop off their wards to the school. However, the student will return by the allotted bus.
  9. Student will board the bus in an orderly manner, giving due priority to younger students.
  10. All students must occupy vacant seats immediately after boarding their respective buses. Reservation of seats for co-commuters are not allowed under any circumstances.
  11. Parents are requested to see that the children are escorted to and from the bus stop.
  12. If any parent whose child is availing school transport service wishes to take their ward privately in his/her own transport, he/she must collect the Permission Slip from the school authorities half an hour before the end of the last class.
  13. Change of bus stop will not be entertained without prior written permission of the school.
  14. The students must make sure that the aisle of the bus is clear and school bags/other belongings are placed properly.
  15. The Administrative Officer may be contacted in the school, in case of any problem regarding buses.
  16. Bus services will be discontinued without further notice for children who do not follow bus rules, damage accessories in the bus, offend passers – by with their actions or words.



Note: Any problem, suggestion, comment, regarding transport should be brought to the notice of the Principal or transport In-charge immediately so that problems can be sorted out at the earliest.