Summer Camp 2021

We've got some big news!!!

We're not out of the woods with COVID-19 yet. Depending on where you live and how bad the outbreak is, traditional camps may not be an option this year. So, what is everyone going to do with their kids this whole summer?

Presenting India's largest Virtual Summer Camp, organized by DPSG Society. It is an exciting proposition and might be just the thing to help your kids learn various skills and have loads of fun while staying safe, within the confines of your homes.

Imagine, discover, and create as your children participate in some of the best workshops in this unique virtual summer camp - a perfect way for children to sharpen 21st century skills, stay engaged & entertained, be socially and emotionally safe, bond and make new friends - all online! And who knows, maybe your child will find love and develop a passion for something new. It may not be the summer one had envisioned but you can still make the best of it.

Here are the amazing workshops, specially curated by experts with your child's development in mind.

DANCE EXTRAVAGANZA: Dance forms around the world (For Classes 1-5 & 6-12)

NRITYASHALA: Folk dance & semi classical dance on Indo-western music (For Classes 1-5 & 6-12)

MUSIC: Mash up of contemporary songs & Qawwali (for Classes 1-5 & 6-12)

THEATRE: Story telling & Fun games based on expressions, body movements & characterization (For Classes 3-5 & 6-12)

FOLK ART WITH A TWIST: Worli & Gond (For Classes 3-5 & 6-12)


CRAZY CRTAFT: Paper weight, Pebble art for garden, Play with Clay, Toy Making, Tealight Design, Paper Crafts, Origami (For Classes 1-5 & 6-12)

DESIGN ME: 3D Pop-up Art, morphing, text designing, cloning, logo, poster, web page designing, editing tools Adobe Photoshop & Spark (For Classes 6 -12)

YOUNG WRITER's WORKSHOP (For Classes 5 - 8)

THINK DESIGN: 'Solution-based' technique to solve a problem (For Classes 6 -12)

LETS MAKE FILMS: Make a 2 min film on your Mobile Phone.

ideating, scripting, storyboarding, shooting & editing (For Classes 6 - 12)

NEWSWORTHY: Become a citizen Journalist & publish your own stories (For Classes 6 -12)

SOUNDLY: Explore the world of sound & make a Podcast (For Classes 6 - 12)

VISUALIZE TO LEARN: Improve your working memory & understanding (For Classes 6 - 12)

YOGA (For Classes 3-5 & 6-12)

AEROBICS (For Classes 1-5 & 6-12)

TAEKWONDO (For Classes 3-5 & 6-12)

EXPLORING EMOTIONS through collaborative story making (For Classes 1-5 and 6-8)



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