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Online Fee Payment

Mode of Payments:

Debit Card, Credit Card or Net banking.

Payment of Fee:

  1. All School dues must be paid at the designated Bank through any of the payment mode on or before last date of payment to avoid late fine and penalty.
  2. Late Fine of Rs.50/- per day on late payment of Fee is applicable on delay beyond last date of payment including all holidays till the payment is made.
  3. Additional Penalty of Rs.5000/- in addition to late fine of Rs.50/- per day is applicable on payment made after Final Date of payment including all holidays till the payment is made.
  4. The name of the student will be struck off if the fee is not paid till last day of 2nd month of the Quarter.
  5. Any fee defaulter shall be regularized only after the permission of the Principal even if the fee is deposited directly at the bank counter. Mere submission of any request to the school authorities does not mean it is accepted/permitted/sanctioned by the school unless it is intimated to the applicant.
  6. Re-admission fee in addition to previous dues will be charged from Parent if readmission is granted.
  7. Late Fine and Penalty on fee will be charged along with the Fee Due for next Quarter.
  8. Partial payment of fees is not accepted by the School and part payment will be treated as non-payment and late fine and penalty will be applicable till the complete payment is made.
  9. No Fee reminders for Quarterly fee will be sent. It is the duty of parents to deposit the fees as per the above payment schedule.
  10. Fee Bill for each Quarter will be given on or before last day of the previous month of the Quarter and are normally through the student. Parents are requested to contact the class teacher of their ward for the same. 14. D.A. Coverage- As per the existing practice, the Government of India announces the Dearness Allowance rate increase, based on inflation index, twice a year. Accordingly, Increase in DA coverage will be calculated on the Tuition Fee at the same rate as the rate of increase in DA by the Government of India. It will be added to the existing DA Coverage fees applicable. It will be chargeable from the date the increased DA rate comes into force as per the government notification. Since the government notification is usually late by couple of months, the students will pay increased DA from the date the government notification comes into force, as arrears of the fee along with the fee payable in the next Quarter.