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01 Jan 2016 - 10 Jan 2016

Water water all the way

If you will not preserve it you will pay

Preserve it

Everyday a little bit

If you will save it

It will be better for you

As it’s the basic life support system

Tell others too

Water I know my life, my nation

The lifeness of my civilization

Water has forced people to get kill

It has left voids hard to fill

The importance of water

Now I think you got to know.



02 Nov 2015 - 08 Nov 2015


There’s a recipe for friendship

that’s old but still true

It’s one that never fails,

and I’d like to share it with you

First you need someone

who accepts you as you are

Someone who doesn’t need you

to be major star

Someone who’ll cry with you

and share your deepest pain

Someone who will lift you till you

can stand again

Someone who finds your jokes funny

and laughs to show it.

Someone who really likes YOU

and let you know it

Someone you’re glad you have

and all years through........

This recipe for friendship

can be found in you

I’ll never find another friend

to take the place of you

No one will ever touch my world

exactly like you do.

No one who,s quite so thoughtful,

no one I cherish to.

No one will mean so much to me

I just wanted you to know!!!!!



11 May 2015 - 17 May 2015

Andy, Lara and Thomas...............................

Once there were two kids thomas and Lara.they both were brother and sisters and have lost their parents in an car that accident their grandparents were also there and they were injured very badly that they could not look after the that town there lived there uncle and aunt,mr.oliver and mrs.zenith so their grandparents gave the kids to them and requested them to please take care of both of them and fulfil their all needs and love them.but aunt zenith was not happy with the kids and she did not like them and on the other side mr.oliver loved the kids very much. Day after tomorrow the kids were having a schhol trip to the grany beach and they have to submit the money by tomorrow but they were hesitating for asking about the money because the aunt that time was fighting with mr.oliver because he has losted his job again reason was his lazyness and carelessness.he always went office very late.then the two kids went up to their rooms and decided that they would take the rs. From mr.dane their class teacher and make the reason that they have forgotten it at their home,and they slept away.the next morning when they get up they get ready very fast and ate their breakfast and proceed to their school.when they reached the school.they requested mr.dane to give them the rs for the tripand after all mr.dane gave them the rs for their tomorrows trip.they were very happy that moment and went to thier silly home back.they were thinking that what would we do for our tomorrows food .then suddenly lara got an idea that we would not eat our dinner today and save it for our trip.they went to the kitchen and said to aunt zenith that there is no space in their stomach for eating the dinner and we are going to our night when all were sleeping they went to the kitchen and packed their dinner quickly in foil papers and went to their rooms.when they woke up they packed their bags and took the food which they have collected,and went to the school after eating their breakfast.when they reached the school the students were boarding the bus and they both went to their teacher who was going with them in the trip and gave their rs to him.then andy their best friend join them and they sat on their seats.after some time their teacher came and the bus started for the grany beach.granny beach was a very beautiful was fresh wind there.the tides were very dangerous.all the students were enjoying the site.they all were playing in the water.then after sometime their teacher asked the students to have their lunch.then all the three friends,lara,andy and thomas sat together and unpacked their lunch boxes and had thier lunch.andy had brought many things for the lunch,sandwhiches,burgers,biscuits,chocolates,fruit juices,but thomas and lara had only some roasted chicken and some biscuits,but afterall the three shared the food and filled their stomachs.after the lunch the teacher requested the students to pack their bags and move to the night when they reached their home.the aunt asked them that where were you both in the the afternoon?the kids answered that we have gone to our picnic.then aunt asked them that from where you had got the money?they replied that our class teacher mr.dane gave us the rs.after the questions the aunt asked them to change their clothes and come for the dinner.they get to their rooms and came after changing their the dinning table the aunt in front of mr.oliver scolded the kids for taking the rs from mr.dane and ordered them to move to their beds and sleep.when they got up, after getting ready they had their brakfast and went to the the school their teacher told them that from tomorrow their summer holidays are beginning.they all were very happy and went to their homes.when the two kids told about their holidays to the aunt,the aunt became very sad because she did not like the the school the three friends andy,lara and thomas had made a programe of meeting in the jesus park in the evening.lara and thomas went and met andy and her dog busoo.they played for half an hour in the park and had a walk with busoo.busoo had also brought his bone with him and was eating that when the three were eating thier snacks which andy had brought from her home.lara and thomas thanked andy for their snacks and asked andy that what we can do for you in return of the snacks,andy said that you could make your leaves one basket for me and my mother could sell them in the markert and earn money.lara and thomas said that we can start the work now only.we can go in the jungle and take the leaves from the trees.they all went in the woods and took the leaves,suddenly andy said that where is busoo,he is not here,then they all spread in search of busso and after sometime they heared the barking voice of busoo,they all shouted busoo... Busoo...,where are you ?the barking voice came cotinously and suddenly they came near an old oak tree and the voice came loudly...and...loudly...,then when they look around the tree busoo was there inside the tree.then they tryed to take out busoo from the tree but cannot do that ,then thomas got an idea that i can climb the tree and go inside the tree and bring busoo out,then thomas climbed the tree and get inside that,it was a huge tree, it was very old and was very dirty,full of branches,leaves.

Busoo was in the left corner of the tree,he was barking continously.then thomas picked him on his back and take out him back from the tree.when thomas came out of the tree ,he told about the tree to lara and andy.they all decided to make that old oak tree their tree house.they planned that we would bring some of the things from our house like a clock,some old rags that can work as a sofa,some candles that can work as a source of light.we will everyday come in this tree house and enjoy, play

Have fun time here .lara said i can bring my own painting,that i have drawn and hang it her in this tree house,with making an hole in it and i can bring some story books for all of us so that we can read it in this tree house.thomas said thet i can bring my clock that is there in room and some old rags from the store .then andy said that i can bring the snacks everyday for all of us.after this whole talk the three went to their house back and decided to meet there only for remembering the way they tied a thin string or wire from the first tree to the tree where they had made their tree house.when thomas and lara went back to thier house ,they were in a great hurry to collect all the things for thier tree house.then they packed the things that they needed and went to dinning room.when they woke up the next day,their aunt ordered them to clean their rooms and clean the leaves from the took the whole afternoon in cleaning these things.then they had the lunch and slept for a while,then when they got up in the evening they went to the tree house and waited fo andy,when andy came they played cards,had glass of coffee and climbed to the topmost branch,there they read their books and enjoyed the cool wind.after having their biscuits,they got down from the tree and board to their houses.when lara and thomas reached their house,there was a lady sitting in the drawing room,they entered the room and asked the aunt about the lady..then their aunt said that she is and she is from an child association,which settle the children who does not have their parents and i am giving you both to her to settle you both in an settled family because i cannot afford your expenses,i don’t have that much of money and your uncle also lost the job in one week because of his carelessness and he doesnt earn money,so will give you both to an good family,which can fulfil all your needs.she will ask you some questions tomorrow in the afternoon.the aunt said that i have made your dinner,it is in the it and sleep in your rooms. When they wake up in the morning they went to andys house after the breakfast and told andy and his family about mrs. berlin and her work.then andy gave them an idea,that they can go to live in the secret tree house for somedays and she would everyday bring some food for you and in return you can make the leaves basket for me. lara and thomas liked her idea and agree for that.then at that night only they packed their clothes and quietly move to the tree house.they followed the string and afterall they reached their destination....the tree the morning their aunt was searching for them but they were in the tree house,she regestered a police complaint against them.then in the afternoon andy went to the tree house and gave the food to lara and thomas.they both were very hungry since the last night and ate the whole meal in twenty minutes,and played the chess with andy .when the time was 6o clock andy went home back and the two kids slept.the next morning the two kids lara and thomas went to the near lake and bath there and they also collected the leaves for making the take the whole afternoon for making five baskets only.then they both waited for andy but she didnt came....then they waited for another hour ,but she didnÔÇÖt came ...and they get to sleep.then after sometime laura came and when she went to the forest she was founding the string but due to heavy rain the string was broken away and she didnt know the way to the tree house.then she move to the forest and was finding the way but she cant and she got stuck in the forest.and it was raining very heavily.then she layed down near a branch and

Protected herself from the rain .when she didnt came back for a long time her family members get to find andy but she was not there,then they went in the forest for searching andy.they all were shouting andy...andy...,where are you...where are you??And afterall they found andy .and take herself to the house.she was coughing and sneezing continously,then her father called the doctor and the doctor gave some medicines for andy.then she told her parents that andy needs her best friends for her recovery.then the parents of andy prayed to god that a miracle should happen and both the friends of andy came to our house.then suddenly the heavy rain came and the water came to their tree house,and water filled in their tree house.then they have to rush out from the tree house as their was no other option with them .then they thought that we could go to andys house for this night and in the morning we will come back.they procedded to andys house and after sometime they reached the house and get into it.then they met andyÔÇÖs parents,and they requested lara and thomas to meet andy first.they both went to the room of andy and met her.when they get into the room andy was sleeping and doctor was sitting near her.then when they sat on the chair ,andy suddenly got up and told lara and thomas about her coughing and sneezing problem.when andy met them her recovery was increasing minute to minute.then who was finding lara and thomas get there and she asked many questions to both of them and they answered all .then the parents of andy were talking that is going to give these pretty childrens to someone else can we adopt these childrensthen about this they talked to and to andy ...they both said yes to this question and then they talked about this to lara and thomas and they both became very happy after listening to this news and now they all have full and complete happy family.

By: Tarun Parashar


04 May 2015 - 10 May 2015

Music for me is a natural doctor which can cure internal injuries very nicely. Music can also be called as great healer. It can cure all your pain, injuries with time, When sea waves strike the shore they take away the sand on returning to sea . Same is with music, if music touched our heart it will surely take away the pain or sadness and makes you free from the burden of pain. Music sometimes also calm your brain and bring peace to your mind by taking away strange thoughts, There was a one more music lover other than me, she is Komal . Komal is my school friend and also my neighbour. She was such a great lover of music that she can make a person who does not like into a person of music. She is very positive and friendly . I usually like to stay with her and I noticed that she never gets angry and when I used to ask her that what is the reason behind it that you always remain calm . she used to say that its all because of music . She is also brilliant in studies. But what can we say about the worlds rules. Every thing has its own advantages and drawbacks. Komal had enjoyed its advantages and now its time for its drawbacks. She now started to spend her study time also in music. I used to see her studying till hours and hours from my window and when my mother saw her doing such a hardwork then she would start taunting me. But now the view from my window was completely changed. Now the vice-versa was happening. I didnt believe my eyes when I saw her relaxing and listening music with headphones in her study time. When I went her house I found that her mother was scolding her for doing such a poor performance in academics. Music had diverted her mind from studies. Her mother called a doctor or I can say cycologist to explain what she was doing to herself. And that was a time and now, this is a time. I dont know what did the doctor do to her. She was completely changed. I saw her struggle how she concentrated on her studies. The girl who useds to listen music two-to-three hours was now not touching her headphones. And after a year she was honoured with head girl of the school. It was only her struggle and will that made her successful. A great man had correctly said that if there is a will there is a way.

Deepanshi Gupta.

Xth A.

27 Apr 2015 - 03 May 2015

Joint family is that where grandparents, parents, uncle, aunt, cousins live together. This is an example of an ideal family. The environment of joint family is very good and healthy for children. There they grow together with cousins, they find their friends at home and their grandparents give them love and affection. Joint family needs patience and adjustments that is necessary for a child when she or he goes into the world. Here the children learn to respect their elders and cares for their younger brother and sister. These values shape their personality as a good person. But now-a-days as there is lack of patience in everyone so it seems like hindrance in their life and they choose nuclear family. But in this stressed life we need the guide, support and experience of our elders so we should promote joint family.

By: Samiksha Garg


22 Mar 2015 - 28 Mar 2015


I am just eleven

And you already left me for heaven

The smiles, the laughter

Ill cherish forever

We had spend entire days

On your rocking chair

With your fingers strocking

Gently through my hair

When I was just about two

You gave me a favourite teddy nou nou

Now, when I lay my head at night

I pray and wish that

You were still in my sight

I love you

I admire you

But most of all

I miss you

Pragati Juneja


Terrorism is one of gravest problems that society faces today. It is an issue of global concern. The presence of terrorism can be felt all across the globe. It is, today, a much debated issue in all the countries of the world-developing or developed. Terrorism is a major obstruction in our life. How can someone kill other person, one has no right to take our gods gift. When I hear in news about bomb blast, my eyes fills with tears, heart full of anger. But over the years of terrorism like other avenues of life, has undergone tremendous changes. It has now become more lethal, more widespread and more difficult to control. Today, it stands as a serious challenge before civil society.

Terrorists are the greatest enemies of society because they undermine its stability by creating chaotic conditions leading to mass killing, damage and destruction. Every country has defined terrorism in its own way as per its own suitability. Every action is carried on for some motives. Similarly, impact of terrorism has three motives-religious interests, ethnic minority interests and economic interests. In reality no terrorist groups are fighting for the above-noted cause. Terrorists groups today are well-equipped with state-of-the- art technologies. In a technologically advanced world, they are well armed with small, potable and easy-to-operate weapons.

Terrorists are increasingly making use of bombs and explosives. Bombarding is the most common method used by the terrorist all across the world. Nuclear terrorism and bio-terrorism are the arms of modern terrorism. The prevalence of corruption adds to the woes. These discriminations give birth to a sense of alienation. Furthermore, desires to bring about a change in existing social set-up in the larger interests of society, the terrorist groups seek political goals through the means of violence. Since democracy offers freedom of speech and movements, more targets are exposed to terrorist attacks. The terrorists cynically exploit the rights and freedoms granted by it to them.

But then I think how can terrorist bring bombs to our country, how they plant it. Then I realize its also our fault. Our laziness, our inattentiveness can also take lives of millions. As Terrorist kill people, terrorism kills humanity. Gandhi, the father of India said that dont try to kill terrorist eliminate terrorism. They are the germs of your house spreading the disease making you sick, so kill the germs the disease will automatically eliminated. Above all, a wish to improve ones lot socially and economically derives an ordinary person to terrorism.

Ultimately whatever measures are taken, the conditions that give rise to terrorism should tackle efficiently, and that can be done on political plane alone. Garnering public support to fight terrorism and creating awareness among people to be alert and vigilant about their surroundings is the key to thwarting the evil designs of terrorist.



01 Feb 2015 - 07 Feb 2015


My father is very bold

His heart is made of gold

He is tall as a tree

And strong as a superman

And sharp as a spiderman

He works for us day & night

And protects us with all

His might truly a thought

And I happen to be a biggest fan

Papa I love u



25 Jan 2015 - 31 Jan 2015

On 15th October 2014 76% vote turnout was there in Haryana and 64% vote turnout in Maharashtra.... Today India has planned to grow.... Today India has planned to eat the sky in the first bite.... Today youth of India has given a new birth to the nation.... Just listen to your heart and do what you want and love yourself so that the hatred of anyone could never ever harm you and your spirit.... As a citizen of India on the basis of few reports I raise these questions to the young minds and the experienced minds...
According to a recent report: All the psychologists that TOI talked to used a phrase - a “pressure cooker type situation”. When children fail to live up to expectation and find that the only persons they can turn to for solace - their parents - are also refusing to sympathise with them, they get trapped in a vortex of emotions that they cannot handle. The number of suicides and attempted suicides by children is on the rise, say sources. With 940 suicides by students in 2008, Bengal has earned the dubious distinction of being the suicide capital of the country. Maharashtra comes next with 757 cases. “Most parents have a stigma against humanities and even commerce. They fail to see that one can do well for oneself even as a chef or hairstylist,” says Mukta Nain of Birla High School. High School Certificate Examination 2012 in Odisha is remembered for theft of question papers, damage of answer sheets, leakage of results before publication and also suicide of 10 girl students after the declaration of the results. According to a Psychiatrist Dr Sudipta Panigrahi ‘ it is pure outcome of parents pressure and over expectations and nothing else. Today parents expect much from the children which is beyond their capacity. They are knowingly ignoring their children’s ability. Which results in such fatal incidents. Life is very precious and given to us by our parents only do they ever understand that these habits of them are proving fatal for their own children. Today children have forgotten to live. Still do you feel that over expectations or high expectations of parents is good. Parents have given us birth, they are more intellectual then us and are even more experienced then us and also if the parents don’t pressurise or over expect from their children and give them full freedom then. What do you feel will our country in any way become the super power then also.

Dear friend this thing used to exist in the past too but now people are getting aware of this thing. And we should know that in the past time the study pressure and syllabus that we have now is nothing in front of that. So as a well wisher parents help us to know the world better from a different side of the same respect.
Long back a thin lean man who always held a stick in his hand made us free from the British but guys are we really free.... Is this the India that was imagined by him if yes then we don’t have any need to change.... because change comes from within and if one tries to change himself then he can even try to change the world.... there are many who have worked for change but now its our time WAKE UP YOUTHS WAKE UP...

By:- Ridam Verma

18 Jan 2015 - 24 Jan 2015

Life of Ganga.

I had fresh water, and a faint smell of lilies were all there was to me. All along my banks, civilization began, trees grew, houses were built, families were made, and myths about me were told to one and all. Eventually, I had several marine animals and plants wishing to reside in my waters. And I didnt mind it much. I would love to have some sort of company in my waters. I was worshipped by almost everyone. Pilgrims from all over the world came to worship me. And often I got bored seeing the same pooga, aarti etc. I wanted something new. And I was able to find something adventurous. When I travel through Rishikesh many water sports like River Rafting, White Water Rafting, Body surfing /Swimming, and Waterfall - Nature Trek, Cliff Jumping in River Ganga, Kayaking Activities .Tourists came from whole over India to play in me. Beside this many Riverside Camp Activity like Night Stay Beach/ Riverside Camp, Beach Volleyball, Badminton, Dart and Chess, Bonfire in Night are conducted. I love to watch the youth taking risks and helping each other out. I wish I would stay here for ever.

In many places began to get bathed in; they thought that by bathing in me, theyd get pure souls and peaceful courses to Heaven. All the good it did them, they couldve just taken a bath with normal water. They sure were satisfied with themselves, but I, I was left to accept murky, sweaty, disgusting human bodies dousing themselves in me, and occasionally, defecating in me. But still, no one cared, and the other rivers, they only got more envious. Then came another phase; humans began to wash clothes and their cattle in me. I mean yeah, I could handle them, they were hardly ever that dirty, but really, clothes and animals? I was just awestruck. When people washed their clothes, so much dirt was excreted. And the animals, they didnt give a damn about the world! And dont tell me I didnt warn anyone, of course I tried to! And when a tourist would come by, theyd bathe in my waters too! What audacity. I bet they have plenty of fresh, CLEAN rivers in their country where they could bathe, why me? So Id ask some of my water-bacteria to go and give them a prick to make them learn. And theyd go home green. And that glacier! It absolutely refuses to stop melting. Well nothings happening to it, but Im getting flooded so quick that people fear living on my banks nowadays. Well I dont mind that but . . .

By Arpit Agarwal XIC

04 Jan 2015 - 17 Jan 2015


The evil of dowry, with the ever-growing demand by greedy parents of well placed youth from the guardians of the bride, is assuming menacing proportions month by month.

Human greed knows no bounds. It is amazing that even well educated parents of young men do no hesitate resort to downright extortion, the victims of such avarice being helpless parents of newly married girl who are forced, by their mother-in-law in particular, to bring more money and sophisticated consumer goods of various kinds. While the menace of dowry has existed for centuries, two new and ironical aspects of this problem call for special

More than 1000 cases of young wives being burnt to death are reported in the country every year! These include the suicides. Brides are of course not for burning, whether they bring adequate dowry or not. The compel them to bring more and yet more dowry, as if the helpless, badly cornered girl’s parental homes are veritable mints or gold- are human sharks who must be adequately punished.

The situation in this regard is especially deplorable in Delhi, which has the dubious distinction of leading other cities of India in the mysterious death of young married women in middle class homes. Leaving North India other parts of the country are believed to be largely Free form this evil of bride burning, though the practice of demanding, and giving sample to girls at the time of their marriage is widely prevalent there.

The dowry evil and bride burning have brought much disgrace to this country; foreigners ridicule us and wonder how, along with the all economic and political progress of this country what is happening here.

Of course there are specific laws against dowry and the punishment is prescribed for those who demand or give dowry. But laws are easily among the laws that are fragrantly flouted. Thousand cases of dowry extortion are reported every year, but very few people punished. For lack of evidence most of the guilty people escape easily even after committing heinous crimes. The number of worn organizations in the country agitating against the dowry menace staging demonstrations against the guilty people is not large the ones are confined to Delhi and Mumbai. The nations conscience needs to be awakened more on this issue effectively than has been done so far.