Delhi Public School Ghaziabad hosted an Inter School Mega Event SANGAM- A Multitude of Languages 2019-20 Competition-cum-Fest on May 4, 2019. Twelve schools from Ghaziabad participated in different competitions held in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Sanskrit. Various events like Ramp walk (Sub- Junior Group), Umbrella Painting (Junior Group) and Quiz Competition (Senior Group) were held. The competition for Sanskrit language was Ramp walk for Sub- Junior Group and Shlok Gayan for the remaining 2 categories. The competitions highlighted the efforts made by each school which was evident in the quality of presentations and participation of students. This event provided an opportunity to the students to explore and unleash their latent talents.



School Average From the Past 3 Year



Humanities Topper

Srishti Kalakoti

Commerce Topper

Monika Aggarwal



Nasmita Yadav


Karan Sharma


Years of Trust


'Bhasha Ratan Samman-2019' - Hindi


Students in the average class




School Average of class 12
Merit Scholarships
Above 95% in grade 12
Above 90% in grade 12
Above 95% in grade 10
Above 90% in grade 10


Anmol Jhamb winner of Google Code-in 2019


Interscholastic Teams in 10 DifFerent Sports

About School

DPSG Palam Vihar, one of the leading K-12 CBSE schools in Gurgaon is deeply rooted in its philosophy of bringing the best in educational practices to its students. A school that plays equal emphasis on scholastic and foundational domains to create empowered students who will not just be knowledgeable but also skilled to apply their knowledge meaningfully to create meaningful and positive changes in their life.

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Faculty members are the most important pillar of any institution. They work ceaselessly to improve the teaching-learning processes in the school. They are empowered to learn, unlearn and relearn and focus sharply on the attitudes, values, dispositions and beliefs of the learners.

Spearheading IB Program

IB has been successfully integrated with the primary wing of the school and the PYP revolves around integrated and transdisciplinary learning. The members of the student fraternity are inquiry-driven learners who can reap the benefits of concept-driven learning.

IT integrated teaching

IT integration takes place at DPSG PV making students cyber smart. Every student of DPSGPV is an active member of O365. They have access to a variety of tools that match the task at hand and provide them with the opportunity to build a deeper understanding of content.

Green Warriors

DPSG, Palam Vihar has always been in sync with the sustainability movement. The school is the recipient of the green school award. The students have always taken a keen interest to practice the four Rs- reduce, reuse, recycle and replenish. It is a no-plastic zone with green measures are upheld.

Innovative Assessment Strategies

As the edifice of teaching-learning, assessments in school plays a major role in improving classroom transactions. Teachers use a variety of assessments like observational, performance-based, selective response and open-ended questions to reap the benefits of self- assessment and promote the collaborative culture of learning.

CBSE champions

The school boasts of very good results in the board exams. The students have always fared very well in the board examinations. Personal contact classes, remedial teaching and doubt clearing sessions have featured prominently in our scheme of things also help students carve a niche in the board examinations.

Upcoming Events

Recent Events

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    To mark the 72nd Republic Day of our country, DPDGPV is geared up to salute the martyrs and the freedom fighters who challenged the British Raj in the struggle for Indian independence. An energetic Dance performance based on the patriotic theme ‘main lad jaana’ will be presented by the students. This will be followed by a melodious song by one of our students reminding the listeners of their pledge to uphold the integrity of their motherland ’ae watan watan mere abaad rahe tu’. A theatrical dialogue emphasizing and celebrating the spirit of freedom will be delivered by a student speaker stirring the patriotic sentiments in the listeners.

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    National Girl Child Day is on 24th January. DPSG Palam Vihar is celebrating the remarkable girls of DPSG for a week i.e., 24th January- 30th January 2021 on social media, recognizing their multifaceted talents, acknowledging their likes, dislikes, strengths, and achievements. Join us to cheer for these gusty girls…

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    DPSG Palam Vihar remains a forerunner in the field of Education and Nation Building with the establishment of the vaccination centre against Covid 19 on campus, today ie 16th January 2021. The centre set up under the Aegis of the National Health Mission, Haryana Government took up the first phase of vaccination to over 100 front runners and workers in health and wellness organisations. It is indeed a moment of quiet pride and feeling of worth to be part of this massive drive.

    Read More Jan 16th 2021
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    All the tiny tots of the Primary wing are geared up to usher in the Christmas Spirit. Preparations are on as December brings a smile on their faces as Santa comes visiting with his goody bag! The children are planning a host of activities to uphold the true spirit of Christmas…from designing Christmas greetings, festoons, caps and decorating the Christmas Tree, be ready to join them in some Christmas fun!

    Read More Dec 25th 2020
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    Mr.Anuranjan Singh Dogra,a senior creative director with many top advertising agencies will join the students of Grade5 to talk about the art of advertising on 22nd December ,2020.

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    When learners don the mantle of green ambassadors, they advocate and adopt sustainable measures to usher in desirable changes in their lifestyles. We encourage them to understand the necessity for making this transition, volunteer, and usher in change. On the 4th and 10th of Dec 2020, 2 pm to 3:30pm, ISRO is going to conduct a lecture series to sensitize youth (9th-12th standard school and under graduate college students) about the essence of climate and weather and their implications on society. This will give an excellent opportunity to our learners to take ownership of their future.

    Read More Dec 10th 2020
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    We are hosting our first virtual Model United nations with almost three hundred participants from 15 schools .We hope to create knowledgeable and informed citizens through such experiences.

    Read More Nov 28th 2020
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    The tiny stewards of DPSG will usher in the festival of lights Deepawali, by renewing their pledge to protect Mother Earth from the harmful pollutants. Taking a leaf out of responsible citizenship, they express their joy crafting decorative items out of redundant material, making exotic eco-friendly diyas and e-cards to spread the festive cheer. 

    Read More Nov 12th 2020
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    A virtual interaction of class 2 students with  Hope International Academy Okinawa, Japan on 12th November, Students will talk about Diwali and thanks giving celebration.

    Read More Nov 12th 2020
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    A virtual interaction, with Agassiz Elementary School, Chicago, is being orgainzed by DPSG Palam Vihar on 17th November 2020 for Grade 5 students. The purpose of this discussion is to help our learners connect with the students of a diiferent country and exchange views on their respective georgraphy and culture. This will provide students with an oppurtunity to broaden their view and embrace ann open minded speech. 

    Read More Nov 12th 2020

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