10 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Kids Archery

Because, It Is One Of The Safest Sports In INDIA!

Safety is very important. In a report of Archery Trade Association, it is being said that archery is safe if compared with any other sports. Of course, there are few other safe options like bowling and table tennis.

Because, It’s A Kind Of Sport Your Child Can Play All The 365 Days Of The Year

Archery is a kind of sport which you can play in both the indoor and outdoor settings, and this is the reason why younger children prefer to play this sport.

There are various styles of archery i.e. target archery (which you must have seen in the Olympic and Paralympic games), field archery- which you can play in the wooden based outdoors and 3D archery. It is a kind of sports which is also played by people with disabilities, called as para-archers. They either shoot from a stool or wheel chair. Few of them even use their teeth or feet to draw the bow.

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Because, It Can Improve Your Child’s Behavior

When your child learns to behave well outside the classroom, it will have a strong impact in their classroom behavior. Once kids understand that they can only shoot when they follow the rules, they will adhere to the rules. It’s a magical approach which works for children.

Because, It Will Help Your Child Master The Life And Classroom Skills

While your child is practicing with a team, he/she will learn how to respect the other teammates and understand the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. Archers develop a respect towards the game. They develop great listening skills as they need to listen to the coach all the time. Whether they are a part of a team or playing solo, professional archers love to discuss their goals and determination.

Because, It Will Help Your Child Learn Self-Discipline

The secret of a successful archer is learning a step-by-step method to draw a bow and shoot an arrow. Young archers should focus on one step at a time because it helps them to put arrows in the middle of the target. If any archer makes mistakes, they are being asked to analyze the steps and improve it. This is one of the secret ingredients for success in archery, in classroom and in our lives.

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Because, It Will Improve Your Child’s Physical Health

When an archer is playing an outdoor tournament, they absorb natural Vitamin D from the sun. It is very good for bone health. Archery can also build different muscles of human body i.e. chest, back and shoulder muscles. You would be surprised to know that a professional archer walks around 5 miles during a tournament. It will also improve your heart’s health.

Because, It Will Improve Your Child’s Balance And Stability

When a child draws a bow, it strengthens the core muscles and improves their balance and stability. The good thing about balance and stability is that it will eventually improve the child’s posture, eye-hand coordination, and they will have more chances to hit the target.

Because, It Helps Your Child Learn The Importance Of GOALS

Every archer gets a perfect environment for goal-setting. They can easily adapt their goals by focusing on the target rings. Whether you are participating in Olympics or if it’s an under 17 tournament, an archer can easily fit in the setting and set the goals.

Because, It Builds Self-Confidence

Chitranjan Kumar during one of his practice sessions

Chitranjan Kumar during one of his practice sessions

Archery helps you to be more confident, in and out of the field.

We are dedicating this write-up to Chitranjan Kumar of class XI F who participated in Sub Junior National Archery Tournament in the category of U-17 boys at Pune, Maharashtra. A big salute to his parents who encouraged him to participate in sports.
Are you trying archery? Need any tips from Chitranjan Kumar, our DPSG YOUNG ACHIEVER in the month of March? Feel free to share your opinion with us.
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