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3 Events Brought DPSG – Palam Vihar Together in 2016

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED January 4, 2017, UPDATED January 16, 2023

Every year, a number of events take place in a school. Entire school works in unison with a lot of activities that brings them close to each other forming a cordial relationship. Right from the time the school begins till the year ends. They make so many memories. These are the memories that bring the school together. DPSG Palam Vihar also created some cherish-able moments along with the participation of school faculty and the students.

Read best 3 events that brought DPSG – Palam Vihar together in the year 2016.

  1. Say yes to gratitude.

Children are innocent. They are extremely humble and also quick learners. They adapt fast to their surroundings. And just as children are taught to tie their shoes or read and write; they must also be guided to develop qualities such as offering gratitude and respect for everyone who helps in making the society a better place to live in harmony. Community help program often helps a child to learn to be honest, thoughtful, empathetic and compassionate. It helps the children to learn values and life lesson that makes them become a better human.

Students of DPSG Palam Vihar played a befitting tribute to all the community helpers who play a vital role in making society a fine place. These students essayed a role play by dressing as various helpers such as a Doctor, Teacher, Security Guards and many others. They spoke about their roles & responsibilities and told us how important they are for our society.

Watch the video: Here.

  1. Cheers to the old and the new folds.

One can never emphasize enough the importance of a good teacher.” – Mary Temple Grandin

Teachers are known for showing us the path to wisdom and abundance of knowledge. They help us become from nobody to somebody. They teach us to believe in ourselves and put our best in everything that we aim to achieve. During our education life in schools or colleges, we often meet a teacher who helps us in every way possible. At times, they become the strict teacher and sometimes they become the best friend. And thus, saying a farewell has never been easy, especially for students when they share a strong bond with the teacher.

Farewell Day of School Principal Ms. Sangeeta Saxena

DPSG – PV put up a warm farewell function for the Principal Ms. Sangeeta Saxena. On her last day at school, all the teachers spoke and wished well for her future endeavor. Speaking on the occasion, School Chairman – Shri Om Pathak also praised her efforts in bringing likable and worthy changes in the teaching and learning process. The day was also attended by the Vice Chairman – Mr. Anshul Pathak and the Director (HR) – Mr. Rohit Pathak.

As they say, old becomes gold as the new begins to unfold.

Chairman Sir Shri Om Pathak and New Principal Ms. Nidhi Sirohi

With that, DPSG Palam Vihar also welcomed the New Principal – Ms. Nidhi Sirohi to the folds of the institution. This ceremony was headed by the Chairman Sir, who said kind words of wisdom and good wishes.

  1. Once a year, ‘tis the fest time.

    Annual Function 2016-2017 – Students with the Chairman of DPSG

Schools will be too boring if they don’t have a day to celebrate and be about everything. Annual function means soaring high on an enthusiastic spirit. It is a day, each and every student showcase their talent and work in a team aiming to bring out the best of their energy. The annual function is one the biggest event of any school. It includes various cultural activities.

Delhi Public School Ghaziabad, Palam Vihar held a marvelous event which was a visual treat offering true cultural extravaganza. The show started off with a welcome song performed by the students from the primary wing. After that, there was a ceremonial lighting of the lamp, followed by other showcases of cultural dance and performances. The occasion was in the gracious presence of the Chairman – Shri Om Pathak, The Vice Chairman – Shri Anshul Pathak, the Chief Guest – Mr. Rao Narbir Singh, Minister PWD (B&R), tutuapp.vip free is the ios app which allows to download in a safe way Forest, Civil Aviation, Architecture, Government of Haryana and the School Principal – Ms. Nidhi Sirohi.

For more pictures and videos of the best events followed in the year 2016-2017, please follow our Facebook page and Youtube Channel.

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