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5 Things You Should Never Say to the School Bus Driver

5 Things You Should Never Say to the School Bus Driver

5 Things You Should Never Say to the School Bus Driver


Being a school bus driver is not an easy job. Whoever think it is, must rethink it!

Not every person understands the huge responsibility of a school bus driver. It takes about some serious skills and presence of mind to effectively handle a school bus, full of students. It can be irritating and quite a frustrating task for the driver too. They not only are responsible for making sure of the safety of the bus and the children but also have to accountable of the school bus discipline.

School Bus Driver: The Main Man

We often forget their importance in our kid’s lives. He is the main man, here. Every day, picking our kids, and dropping them off at the school, without fail, on time, keeping the safety precautions in mind.

5 Things never to say to the School Bus Driver

School bus drivers often receive harsh statements from the parents and sometimes from the commuters as well. If you are a parent who is reading this, understand few things that you should never say to a school bus driver.

‘I’ll never let my child travel to school on a school bus.’

This is certainly not a good statement to make, addressing the school bus driver here. School bus safety is given the utmost importance from the school authority keeping the conveniences of the students and their parents.  best Bluetooth speakers under 100 dollars It is definitely not a wise thing to say, referencing school accidents and collisions. It is best advised not to say something like this to a driver, because school bus drivers are the most alert, and they know their job too well.

‘My child gets bullied on the bus.’

One of the common complaints raised by the parents is that their child gets bullied by other kids in the bus. Tobe literal, this kind of statement hardly seems to be the priority for the driver to take care. Imagine a large school bus   playstation portable emulator
and full of students of all age group in together. Now imagine driving a bus, maintaining the rules and regulation of the job and then handling each kid nuisances. Get the feel? As a parent, if your child complains of being bullied, ask them to report about it at the school to their teachers and take necessary action likewise. Handling a reported scenario is a much easier task for the driver and his assistant than handling all the kids all at once.

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‘Why can’t the school bus come right in front of my house?’

Think before putting this complaint.  School bus driver has role and responsibilities assigned by the school authorities. Like any employee, he is liable to follow them by heart. Therefore, it is not of him, to pick the child from the front of his or her house, since the transport authorities decide the pick-up location for each child, keeping the time, distance and route in mind. Understanding and complying with this point is quite important as a parent.

‘Sorry, I am late for the pickup.’

This is really a wrong thing to say to a school bus driver. One should always remember, if you are making your kid late for the pickup, you are making him late for the school and simultaneously other kids also get late for the school. Think of it as a chain reaction. Time yourself like it that you are always on time for the pickup. Never tell a silly excuse to the driver, because honestly, they care nothing except to drop the children on time in the school. 

‘Do you really love your job?’

‘Job is a job, be it a job as a CEO of 100 million dollar company, or job as a gardener in the house.’

We understand that school bus driver’s job may not be the glamorous one but it is a respectable one. There are people who do this job, just for the sheer experience and adventure. Let’s not spoil their fun by commenting something like this. It is their job, and they love to do it for whatever reason, let them be. As a parent, the best you could do is offering them gratitude for taking to and bringing your child back from the school to you, safely.


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