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Adios To the Class Of 2023

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED February 20, 2023, UPDATED January 1, 1970

Hey there! Let's take a stroll down the memory lane of school life through the graduation ceremony of the Class of 2023.

For every student, graduation day is a mix of emotions - it's a goodbye to the past and a hello to the future. It is a day which sums up the infinite treasure of memories we filled bit by bit for 15 years. And for the Class of 2023, the graduation ceremony was held on 20th January 2023, in the school premises.

Get ready to be transported back in time and feel the magic of the day! The graduates of Grade 12 looked absolutely stunning in their graduation robes and hats. Each one of them had glitter in their eyes sparkling with the hope of a glorious future they’ve woven for themselves.

The ceremony kicked off with a hat-flipping moment that was captured in a class photograph. Next up, the academic procession by the mentors and students was a touching moment. But the traditional blessing ceremony, where tilaks were applied on the foreheads of the students, added a warm and welcoming touch to the day.

The atmosphere was filled with melodious music, from songs to instrumental renditions and dances. It was a day to remember, to cherish. The highlight of the ceremony was when the senior headmistress, Ms. Shoma Lahiri, and the school principal, Ms. Srividya Sridhar, distinguished the students with the title of 'Graduates.' They felicitated the students by turning the tassels of their hats and presented them with citation certificates and photo folders.

Heartfelt speeches were given by both students and parents, who felt nostalgic, had tears in their eyes and were proud to be part of the DPSG institution. Principal ma'am blessed the students for a bright and prosperous future.

The ceremony came to a close with a song by Ms. Shoma Lahiri, who expressed her delight and happiness about the transformation of the students of Batch 2023. So, there you have it! A perfect graduation ceremony full of emotions, memories, and dreams for the future. We couldn’t have asked for more.

How was it for you? Share your thoughts and feelings about the day in the comments below!

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