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Back to School Experience – DPSG Palam Vihar Blog

DPSGPV Image Gallery Before entering the school, it seemed like a fantasy going back to normal school life. It was assumed that it would be too weird attending physical classes, especially after almost eight...

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DPSG Palam Vihar, The Best CBSE school in Gurgaon 0

DPSG Palam Vihar, The Best CBSE school in Gurgaon

DPSG, one of the leading  CBSE schools in Gurgaon is an exceptionally remarkable and creative school in Palam Vihar. It is a flagbearer  while encouraging magnificence in instruction. As guardians, we want the best...

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6 Books Every High Schooler Must Read This Summer

Summer vacation is here. A lot to do. Isn’t it? This summer break, make a list of books and challenge yourself to read books starting with one recommendation at a time. Created by the...

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How Can a Teacher Spot Bullying and Stop It?

Bullying is undesired, aggressive tendencies among school-going children which involves a real or imagined power imbalance. It is done in repeatedly again and again, over time. Students who are bullied and the students who...

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With technology and education going hand in hand, it seems everything is possible. Learning has become even more fun than before. Students are more inclined to learn and grasp knowledge with the interesting mode...

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And DPSG Starz School Gets Appreciated Again!!!

Parents and teachers of a preschool kid are the ones who nurture a kid to becoming what s/he will be one day as an adult. Just when we think of a preschool kid, we...

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An Appreciation Letter from A Proud Parent

It is an overwhelming feeling for all of us at DPSG Gurugram School – that DPSG STARZ Preschool has been appreciated by parents. We feel proud to be able to make a parent feel pleased and...

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9th September in Gurugram Times (TOI) 0

DPSG Palam Vihar Got Featured in Gurugram Times (TOI)

DPSG Palam Vihar got featured in the newspaper Gurugram Times of TOI on 9th Sep 2017. Below is the content that reads on the paper. “Recognizing the scientific correlation between physical exercise and achievement,...

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School Bus Driver Play a Vital Role in Students Safety 0

Reasons School Bus Driver Play a Vital Role in Students Safety

  Who plays the most important role in a student’s life after a teacher in the school? It is the school bus driver. Seldom are the school drivers given any credit for the work...

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Top Reasons Why School Bus is a Better Choice 0

Top Reasons Why School Bus is a Better Choice

Top 3 Reasons Why School Bus is a Better Choice Ever wondered why should you choose a school bus than a private bus or rented car/auto services for your child to go to the...

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