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A Mother’s Endearment

A while ago, I was reading this renowned book that almost every child has read, called ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling and I came across this line that read-“He didn’t...

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Back to School Experience – DPSG Palam Vihar Blog

DPSGPV Image Gallery Before entering the school, it seemed like a fantasy going back to normal school life. It was assumed that it would be too weird attending physical classes, especially after almost eight...

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Generations: Transcending The Borders Of Age

Aging is a natural phenomenon which is inevitable. Generations have been passing and new ones have been coming up. With the wide generational gap between different people, leading to different mentalities and viewpoints, these...

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Which Is More Important Talent or Hard Work? – DPSG Palam Vihar Blog

Talent or hard work – what really counts? This is quite a debatable question as sometimes hard work beats talent when the talent fails to work hard. Talent is just like the seed of...

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generation 0

Is Our Generation More Self-Centered Than The Previous?

In a recent survey, a psychologist has labeled the current generation of young people as “I generation” or “Me Generation”. It is also found that the today’s generation takes it for granted that “SELF”...

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My Mother Is My Source Of Happiness

In our lives, we come across many people. We see new faces every day. Many of them remain anonymous, some may be acquaintances, some will become our friends but from that, only one person...

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Inspire 0

‘Whom Do I Inspire?’, writes Prashant Rawat

“Life is a story, make your’s the best seller” And this can be done well and easy with an idol to inspire you. Inspiration is what pushes us beyond ‘at par point’ to the...

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Maharana Pratap 0

Maharana Pratap Is My Mentor And Why?

In this era of the modern world, where we are forgetting out ancestors, I, Laksh Raghav, consider the legend Maharana Pratap as my mentor. The legend was the king of Mewar preceded by Rana...

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Social media has become a catalyst to change 0

Social Media is a Boon – Shreya Gupta

Twinkle Twinkle network star Facebook integrates us from wide and far, Twitter keeps us near and dear, Snapchat makes the selfie look clear Life embraces you full on Our status is expressed through emoticons!...

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