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Beneficial Ways To Teach Kids Patience 0

Beneficial Ways To Teach Kids Patience

Patience is the key to every successful career, and kids need to learn about that from the very beginning of their school lives. Patience is important to learn for everybody and not just the...

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Ashish Gaurav-Alumni 0

Alumni Spotlight: Ashish Gaurav

Current Position First year Ph.D. student at the University of Waterloo. Area of research – Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Please tell us about your time at the school with us?   Overall, I spent...

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Himanshu Ahuja 0

Alumni Spotlight: Himanshu Ahuja

Degree – Chartered Accountant (Semi Qualified i.e. final yet to be cleared); Aspiring eMBA Professional; Bachelors of Commerce Graduation – Institute of Chartered Accountants of India; Delhi University,New Delhi Current Position – Assistant Manager, (Governance, Risk and Compliance Services),...

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3 Books You Must Read Before You Turn 18 0

3 Books You Must Read Before You Turn 18

3 Books You Must Read Before You Turn 18 How many hours do you spend on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and then there is YouTube as well? Oh, and with Digi TV in trend, Netflix,...

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5 Ways to Prevent Summer Learning Loss for the Kids 0

5 Ways to Prevent Summer Learning Loss for the Kids

With a week has already gone by, this summer vacation, let’s do more about the learning. In summer, kid’s days are planned more with fun activities. It is all about everything but any school...

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Importance of vocabulary 0

Expand Your Vocabulary: Learn New Words Everyday This Summer Break

How often do you work on your vocabulary? Do you make an effort to learn a new word every day? Are you confident about your command on your English language? If the answers to...

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Holiday Homework Tips 0

How To Complete Your Holiday Homework In No Time

It is the holiday mood and the season. With the holiday, comes joy and freedom, but also come holiday homework. For a student, holiday homework is one thing they dread the most. It is...

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Improve Your Reading Comprehension 0

Improve Your Reading Comprehension

Do you feel you are quite low with the reading comprehension? We totally understand this feel. Reading comprehensions could be a bummer, especially when you are reading school textbooks. There are indeed sometimes when...

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Finish Your Syllabus The Right Way 0

Finish Your Syllabus the Right Way – Students Tip

For a full-time student, we can truly understand how much of syllabi you get. That too, throughout the year in the school, in the coaching classes, and then you have your own syllabus to...

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