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Effective strategies for implementing holistic approach in learning: DPSG Palam Vihar

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED March 16, 2022, UPDATED January 20, 2023

This might be the very first time you have heard of the term holistic education. This philosophy of education is when you are trying to educate the whole person beyond the core academics. It is currently gaining quite a big stream in the learning circles as schools are actually struggling to improve the present student outcomes.

Most of the firms are realizing that students will need more than just a strong foundation within the core curriculum. They will also need to be supported by the said community they are living in. They should learn the ways to develop that compassionate understanding of the said world around them.

Setting out the tone:

School district officials and the state governments are now setting the tone for whether learning sections must be only academic-centric or there should be partly associated with holistic learning as well. But, the teachers from IB board schools in Gurgaon will play a major role in enacting the said learning principles and will have the greatest opportunities to help the little ones discover their identities and find some meaning in world connections and community. For that, the art of the holistic teaching method is truly mesmerizing.

By pursuing the education in leadership and education policy, the educators from DPSH Palam Vihar now know ways to learn holistic learning and also focus on other teaching strategies. These are all designed to help shape up the student’s career later on.

Understanding the current meaning of holistic education:

Holistic education is always a complete package of teaching. Here, the educators will address the academic, ethical, social, and emotional needs of every student within an integrated format of learning.

  • Here, the main emphasis is placed on the positive schooling vibes and will offer complete whole-child support to the students. It will support not just the academic but also the non-academic needs of students, also called wraparound support.
  • Here, the students will be taught to reflect more on their actions and how that might help in impacting the local and global community.
  • They will further learn how to study the surrounding community and learn the best from those sources.
  • Teachers will mostly engage the students in some projects by applying the art of critical thinking towards solving only real-life issues.

The holistic educating methods that follow:

The primary objective of holistic education is mainly to cultivate the child’s emotional, moral, physical, spiritual, and psychological attributes and try to elevate each platform to the next level. Serving the child as a whole means offering opportunities, personalized to their chain of thoughts, to enhance the child’s feelings and skills.

Here, the lessons will only be conducted in a supportive and safe environment, which will give the students chance to use their individual strengths. Teachers should also stay prepared to nurture the kids with multiple learning capabilities and educational levels.

While the art of holistic education is guided mostly by overarching philosophy, teachers are always asked to employ various methods and strategies for creating that holistic approach and learning culture now.

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Get on with the educational model:

Reliable schools like DPSH Palam Vihar are well-aware of the benefits associated with a holistic approach towards learning. So, they have already introduced the courses but under various categories. Depending on the child and his capability to learn, he or she can choose the educational model best suited. If the kids fail to do so, the teachers from DPSH Palam Vihar will do it for them. So, let’s not waste time and start learning about the models now.

The interdisciplinary course works:

A major part of holistic education is the cognitive growth of students, which will be improved quite a lot when various subjects are addressed at the same time. Some schools like DPSH Palam Vihar are creating integrated programs where the teachers will come from various disciplines and teach thematic courses. It will address various issues from different perspectives.

The idea behind community schools:

Community schools will follow the idea that people get to find meaning through connections within their community. Here, the teachers get to partner with community members like organizations, residents, families, and officials to offer integrated support and expansive learning ideas. So, here, you will get multiple summer and after-school programs.

Self-guided learning:

In self-guided environments, teachers will help the students to learn at their own pace in style matching their needs more. This culture will allow personalizing and mitigating inadequacies of the universal learning models. The lower stake assessments will help in adjusting the content and pace of the curriculum over here. Classrooms can be smaller but will have students of various ability levels and ages.

So, make sure to approach a school where holistic education plays a major role in the overall growth of your kids. You don’t have to look much further when you have DPSH Palam Vihar by your side.

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