How DPSG Palam Vihar Enhances a Child’s Imaginative Skills

DPSG Palam Vihar is noted as one of the leading IB board schools in Gurgaon, offering primary, elementary, secondary, and senior secondary sessions. Not just focusing on theoretical learning, but the school encourages students to be a part of the outdoor learning and imaginative programs as well. The main goal is to ensure the overall development of a student and make him suitable for any form of job role later in life.

Improving imaginative skills:

DPSG Palam Vihar is not just well-equipped with the best teaching faculty, but it focuses on extracurricular programs as well. Our aim is to help in enhancing the interpersonal skills among students in multiple creative programs. There are arts, sports, music, gym club and more to address.

Our school is currently focusing on the most innovative based pedagogy and integrated curriculum for establishing a good reputation.

The clubs and society:

For pursuing student hobbies and interest levels, the school helped out its students to make career choices based on their desires and excel in that interesting field. So, you will find multiple clubs where students can find creative expression for various talents. The clubs are mostly run by the teachers, whose main aim is to help students enhance their talents in the chosen fields.

The art of pottery and sculpture:

It is true that sculpturing helps in stimulating creativity and the level of imagination in every individual. It is one special way to understand and respond to the world. The pottery and sculpture classes will help students to communicate imaginatively on what they feel, see and think about using clay, which can later be molded and sculpted into multiple forms.

  • These classes will help students to make informed judgments and practical decisions. They get the chance to explore multiple ideas and meanings through famous designers and sculptors. They get the chance to explore sculpture’s impact on the contemporary life of various cultures and times.
  • The main goal of these classes is to provide tactile, visual, and sensory experiences to the students. It will also help students to use their own ideas to craft something new and out of their comfort zone.

The debating classes:

Here, the main goal is to help students generate some effective critical thinking into some of the primary issues within the given topic. Being one of the leading ib schools in Gurgaon, DPSG Palam Vihar provides a top-notch Debate club to help students develop their critical thinking and communication, and oratory skills.

  • Here, students get the chance to develop written and oral communication skills. They get to learn the power of critical thinking and effective research-based tools.
  • The debate classes will help students to develop strategies to overcome their fear of speaking in public and then gain confidence and desire to participate in academic classes.

Literacy club:

If students have a fascination with the English language, then English Literacy Club is the ticket to overflow their imaginative thinking. It is a great platform for those who are into reading literature, poetry, drama, and fiction. This club is great for appreciating the funny nuances in the English language.

  • The club inculcates a flair for the English language among students and enhances their current literary skills. It is a great way to induce good reading habits among them.
  • In the end, students will be influenced to become orators and display their independent and intellectual thinking skills. This club further provides a platform for debating events.

Culinary club:

Healthy cooking has its share of major benefits involved, and the culinary club will introduce the same among students. Children now get the chance to be imaginative and try out some healthy and new foods. It will teach young students to cook and enjoy nutritional values through meal planning, smarter food choices, and more. Cooking can further aid little kids to accept responsibility from a tender age.

Helping out students from the start till finish: From the clubs and programs mentioned above, it is clear to state that DPSG Palam Vihar is always looking towards its children and their imaginative growth. It will not just make the aspirants smart but will help them to choose a better career path later when the right time comes. These programs are significant parts of a child’s overall development.

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