How To Identify The Best CBSE School & Apply For Admissions

In terms of Indian education, CBSE boards are at the top of the chart. It is also considered to be the most popular school board with students and parents alike because of its comprehensive teaching method. Parents are looking forward to some of the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon, where they can enroll their little kids and get their future sorted for good. Among all the schools, DPSG Palam Vihar is gaining quite some popularity among parents who want their students to get enrolled in the best school in town!

Making the right choice:

Over 50% of parents, these days, are applying for the CBSE schools within these current academic years. That’s what makes this board the most popular choice among the masses. With more than 20,000 CBSE board schools available over here, parents have some of the major schools to choose from. That brings you to the next question. How to identify the best CBSE schools and apply for their admission? Some simple tricks will work wonderfully for you in this regard.

Value of the NCERT curriculum:

The NCERT is known to be a top-notch curriculum, with clearer concepts connected to one another. This form of the curriculum will actually prepare your kids to have a competitive edge when it comes to the national level. It will not promote any form of rote-learning method. Moreover, it will encourage your little one to develop theories, inquire and then develop one systematic approach to multifaceted topics and subjects.

  • During the primary stage, the students will get encouraged to explore the surrounding world in a joyful manner.
  • Then at the upper primary stage, the children will get engaged in learning science principles through some of the familiar experiences, working with simple technological modules and units.
  • Now, at the secondary stage, students will get introduced to composite discipline with advanced technological modules and tools.
  • Lastly, in the higher secondary stage, science will get introduced as a separate discipline with special emphasis on problem solving and experiments.

Always remember that the best CBSE schools like DPSG Palam Vihar will follow the NCERT syllabus and won’t wander away from the textbooks. Sometimes, few statistics will get changed for testing the understanding of students. Otherwise, the questions will be noted from the textbooks only.

Some major points to address:

Always remember that there are 22,000+ CBSE schools available all over India, and there are many among them with fake CBSE affiliations. Always check for the authentic CBSE affiliations in here. If you want to be a responsible parent, then don’t forget to check out the facilities as procured within the school campus. Visit the educational institution for checking the infrastructure first-hand. 

Take your time to have some conversations with the teachers and principal to learn more about the school’s module and how it will help with better services among students. It will help you to learn more about the CBSE schools and then select the top one, like the DPSG Palam Vihar.

Don’t forget to check out the affiliation:

CBSE board has actually given out affiliation to multiple schools across India. But, there are many schools using fake affiliations and claiming to be the best CBSE School, as mentioned earlier.

  • It is always mandatory for the parents to check the affiliation of the school thoroughly with multiple mediums.
  • Make sure to check with the school directly as well for the affiliation number if you need to double-check to confirm. With DPSG Palam Vihar, you need not have to look any further!

Evaluations will be your next stop:

The CBSE guidelines will suggest CCE or Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation. The main objective to introduce CCE was continuity in the assessment and evaluation of board-based learning along with the behavioral outcome.

  • This form of service is widely implemented by using the FA and SA.
  • Formative assessment is carried through the academic year by providing continuous feedback for teachers and students.
  • A summative assortment will be presented at the end of every course to help sum up students’ understanding of the course module.

Be sure to check that the chosen CBSE School will follow both these assessments for the overall development of a child. Reputed centers like DPSG Palam Vihar will always follow the norms well!

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