Mathematics Awareness Month: April, 2017

Mathematics Awareness Month

Mathematics Awareness Month

Do you know, in about next few decades, projected demand for workers in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (known as STEM) will almost outpace the supply? Having a job in the STEM-related profession will require one to have graduated with a proficiency in mathematics that they do today.

Math is simple.

But no one child has ever said this. Math is feared by children.

Students of any age dread the subject. They despise it. Children often shy away from the subject calling it heavy and confusing to their soul.

Students really need to get away from this fear.

Importance of Mathematics

Students need to learn the fact that math is really easy and fun to understand it. There is a huge importance of the subject in the profound field of education. Since tomorrow’s workplace will demand of more mathematic people than now, kids these days need to really work on their abilities to understand the subject better.

Children should be encouraged to learn Math

Children should be encouraged to learn Math

April: Mathematics Awareness Month

Mathematics Awareness month is held in April, each year. The goal to have a month dedicated to the subject is to understand and appreciate what Mathematics had done to our system. This month began in 1986 as Mathematic Awareness Week which was proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan.

Over the years, the main purpose of the awareness has increased in the visibility of mathematics as the field of study and this communicates the power of the subject and its wonders to a larger audience.

Activities of Mathematics Awareness

Activities for the mathematics awareness month are generally organized by the school community members. A wide variety of workshops, competitions, festivals, and exhibits takes place. DPSG Palam Vihar recently conducted children activities to raise the awareness of mathematics in the school. Trivia quizzes and scavenger hunt, besides find the numbers were the games played by the little ones.

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