PYP-A paradigm shift in education
PYP-A paradigm shift in education

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.’

The way a classroom looked like in the past and the way it looks like now, we indeed have witnessed a paradigm shift in education. We have moved beyond the conventional teaching and learning that was restricted to the four walls of the classrooms. Education in the 21st century is not confined to a particular space or to an idea. It rather prepares the learners for the unknown, unpredictable, and the unseen.

Today,when the world is changing at a fast pace, it is important to make our students capable to deal with ‘Change’ and to embrace it with open arms. The goal of education is not merely the delivery of information but to also enable the young minds to be lifelong problem solvers and decision makers. It is no hidden fact that the students today have easy access to all the information and resources at just a click of a button. Therefore, it has become imperative for the facilitators to direct them towards a more productive learning.

Now, the pertinent question that lingers on in everyone’s mind is how can an education system cater to individual needs and interests? Well… for this, we have the International Baccalaureate- Primary Years Programme. A programme that notonly provides the learners with a boarder spectrum of subjects but also prepares them to face challenges of the world. It aims to create lifelong learners who are responsible, caring, and open-minded citizens. It is a balanced curriculum which gives special attention to practical and application- based learning.

Children are said to be natural inquirers and PYP creates many opportunities to ignite their curiosity through meaningful engagements. Every PYP classroom, regardless of the place, will have certain commonalities like essential agreements, the classroom posters which includes the Learner Profile, the TD themes, and the key concepts. PYP encourages students to develop a sense of independence and take responsibility for their own learning. The programme also focuses on helping the students to establish their personal values and attitudes as a foundation to develop an intercultural understanding. It acknowledges and appreciates diversity where students from different parts of the country, different abilities, and interests, work together in harmony towards a common goal.

Education is 21st century is largely governed with the idea of bringing a positive change in the society and IB PYP ensures to prepare its learners to be a part of a better future.

-Parul Parihar

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