School Assembly Culture: How it is important in the school?

School Assembly Culture: How it is important in the school?

School Assembly Culture: How it is important in the school?

In any good school, morning assemblies are a must thing to begin the day with. Every day, all students assemble at the assembly hall or a ground and begin the day with a prayer. General news reading and instructions are followed past the prayer. Sometimes, students even make a speech on the important topics and then the principal takes over the charge of the assembly meeting.

School Assembly Culture

This is how a usual day with an assembly meeting starts at the school. School assembly clarifies school activities and lays out program focusing on the co-curricular activities. It simply strengthens the way a school works. It is conducted with a complete and active participation of the students, and the teachers. Morning assembly meetings generally well planned and carefully conducted, putting a lot of light on various aspects of school activities and culture.

Purpose of an assembly in the school

– The main intention of the school assembly is to develop a feeling of unity among all the students and teacher.

– To inform the students about daily activities and program more clearly.

– To develop in students about the sense of identity in the school.

– To give an insight of experiential moments with anecdotes and stories and co-curricular activities.

–  To motivate the students with appreciation, rewards, and accolades on performing well in academics and curricular activities.

Why school assembly should be conducted?
Morning assemblies are important. A school is an institution and like any institution, everyone needs to assemble and meet up every day, to carry out all the functions and be well informed about the school happenings. The school assembly is meant to fulfill the purpose of conventional gathering and for good.

School being the foundation of a student’s life, assemblies only helps them gather a lot of energy to do well and be good in their day. The program of the assemblies has the potential to nurture and maintain a positive, healthy school culture which binds everyone together.

School assembly helps building a culture of communication, and representation of academic and co-curriculum activities.


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