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Debate: Should Schools have Homework or Not

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED March 21, 2017, UPDATED January 20, 2023

Homework has always been around. It has been there in student’s lives for so long that thinking of not doing it feels amazing. We asked around, a student of class 8th – if she liked the idea of homework given by the teachers. She really did make a cringing face and said she wished there was no homework. Well! Yeah, so as per them, schools shouldn’t have any homework.

Should the schools have homework or not

This is one of the most debatable topics that have never seen a full stop. The benefit of homework has been an ongoing debate between the parents and the teachers for years now. It has been for so long that it evokes a negative impression between the students, parents and the teachers. However, many think that homework is doing more harm than causing any good to the students as it creates a copious amount of stress on the student. There are also others who find advantages in having homework,
because it helps in thinking more independently outside the classroom.

DPSG brings you a non-biased list of pros and cons of having homework in schools. Read below 

Benefit of Homework

– One of the first points is the benefit of having homework allows the students and the teachers to work closely together. Any difficulties or confusions that the students face personally, they can discuss it before, during or after the class.

– Assignments from home open the channel of communication between the student and the teacher, child and the parents or siblings, as and when they ask for help on their homework. It gets the student ahead with the subject topic with much clarity when they discuss and understand it from others. The task from home helps majorly for the parents as they get more involved in their kid’s educational life.

– Doing homework every day only helps in preparing the student better for the tests and exams in the schools. If the child is not doing well in the assignments, then they will learn what is required to work on for their next tests. It gives an added advantage to do practice more and do well in the exams.
– It helps a student develop a sense of responsibility. Being assigned a work by the teacher to a student, knowing that it has to be finished by the next day, it only develops being punctual and responsible by turning their work on time.

Having a work/assignment assigned to a student allows their parents to see how their children really doing in their studies in general.

Why Is It of No Good

– Children spend about 5-6 hours of their time in the school, and having work assigned from home, leaves them with no time to sit and relax. The pressure of having done with the task makes them cranky, tired, and eventually, they feel exerted most of the time when they have to actually pay attention to their studies.

– The kind of time schedule students have these days, has no scope for family and friends indulgence. Once they come back from school, they get into their varied coaching and classes. Once they are done from their classes, they come back home and then start with their assignments, thus leaving them too exerted to having any social connect.

– Too much of homework leads the children cheating as they end up copying the same thing what their fellow classmates have written for their assignments. It doesn’t prove to be a healthy sign for learning.

– Often, homework is the main cause of the drift between the parents and their children, or the teacher and the student. Parents want their kids to do the task but children don’t want to, whereas the teacher constantly piling the tasks every new day, to which the children feel frustrated of the pending and unexplainable amount of pressure.– And last but not the least, a lot of times teachers don’t have the time to grade the assignments individually. This wastes the energy and all the efforts that a child puts in completing the task. It then discourages them and puts them off from doing the homework the next time.

Should homework really be banned from the school or not will always have its pros and cons. Schools and parents must understand the amount of stress that a child faces anyway. Home assignments or not, student should have the lesson learned and must do well in the exams with a bare minimum pressure on them, that matters the most.


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