Summer Holidays: How Kids Can Help Keeping A Tidy House

How Kids Can Help Keeping A Tidy House during summer holidays

How Kids Can Help Keeping A Tidy House

With the onset of summer holidays and the kids now being at home, parents are redefining their chores now. Sigh!

We say this because a lot of definite changes take place in your routine chores when the children are on summer holidays. You experience more mess than the usual because children play around the entire house, often misplacing the toys, books and other random things.

Summer holidays for kids, but more tasks for you

It is good to have the kids at home with you during the summer break, but we understand it can become a little difficult for you too. It can be difficult to keep your house clutter-free and clean throughout the summer holidays. With kids running around, constantly going out and coming back in haste and excitement, it becomes a task for you to keep picking things and avoiding the mess around the house.

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In such circumstances, it is advisable to all our parents to make some rules in the house, which must be abided by each of the family member, especially the ones who are on a summer break.

How kids can help in house chores during their holidays

To makes things easier for yourself and also keeping your child engaged, here are few ways you can keep your house clean and also bond well with them too.

Divide the chores

Ask your child to help you with house chores. This way they will learn about responsibility and also learn the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. It is quite important to always come up with rule number one – dividing the chores of the house. It sorts almost the majority of your headache. Think and sort the chores, which your child can help you with. Although, don’t overwhelm your kid with too much of work, since they are on summer holidays.

Handy cleaning products

Children can help you with chores, they are capable of. For example, they can help you with cleaning the dining table post the meals, cleaning and rinse the dishes while you wash them, dusting off the furniture while you do other cleaning errands, help you bring the grocery to the house while you park the car and henceforth. This way, after dividing the chores, you can keep the cleaning products handy, at their reach so they can use it when it is their time to do so.

Bedroom routine

It is utmost important to teach your child how to make their own bed, before going to sleep and after getting up in the morning. Let them know that it is their responsibility to make the bed and keeping the room tidy for the other person to use it. This is the rule that MUST BE ABIDED BY THEM, ALL THEIR LIFE.

Involve kids to help you keep a tidy house

Involve kids to help you keep a tidy house

Off the floor rule

Make this is as a general rule, applied to everyone. Nothing must be kept on the floor. Nobody should be eating on the floor. If the kids are playing on the floor with their toys, they must keep their stuff at a specified corner place. Everyone shall be responsible for using this rule, every day.

Clean kitchen day

Have a ‘clean the kitchen’ day at least twice a week. This will give you a good mood lift up when you see your dear children helping you with the clean-up. The kitchen can be a mess, especially after a great meal. Your children will also learn about basic hygiene and tidiness when you tell them how kitchen must be kept clean all the time, to avoid getting any kind of illness.

Last but not the least, have low expectation from your children about how much they can help you. They are on summer break, and they need to feel the vibe of it. Ask for help but don’t impose the tasks on them. Having them help is great, but if they don’t feel like doing it, it is also fine. Let them enjoy while basic rules still applied on all.

Happy holidays!



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