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6 Books Every High Schooler Must Read This Summer

Summer vacation is here. A lot to do. Isn’t it? This summer break, make a list of books and challenge yourself to read books starting with one recommendation at a time. Created by the...

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CBSE Class 12 Result 2018 Expected Soon

The CBSE Class 12 Results 2018 will be announced by the Central Board of Secondary Education by May 28. The Central Board of Secondary Education will put out the CBSE Class 12th Result 2018 or...

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Generations: Transcending The Borders Of Age

Aging is a natural phenomenon which is inevitable. Generations have been passing and new ones have been coming up. With the wide generational gap between different people, leading to different mentalities and viewpoints, these...

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Which Is More Important Talent or Hard Work?

In today’s’ world talent and hard work are two sides of the same coin, both together form the perfect equation to achieve one’s true potential. A person who lacks either of them, finds himself...

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Is Our Generation More Self-Centered Than The Previous?

In a recent survey, a psychologist has labeled the current generation of young people as “I generation” or “Me Generation”. It is also found that the today’s generation takes it for granted that “SELF”...

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DPSG Palam Vihar Adopting STEM Education Using 3D Labs

Children learn more and better when they learn lessons with the help of 3D images. They are quick to learn and grasp new concepts and display prominent level concentration. Studies have shown the effective...

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DPSG Palam Vihar Got Featured in Gurugram Times (TOI)

DPSG Palam Vihar got featured in the newspaper Gurugram Times of TOI on 9th Sep 2017. Below is the content that reads on the paper. “Recognizing the scientific correlation between physical exercise and achievement,...

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