Tips and Common Errors to Avoid When Preparing for Economics

Tips and Common Errors to Avoid When Preparing for Economics

Tips and Common Errors to Avoid When Preparing for Economics

With tests and pre-boards almost knocking the doors, our very own economics teacher Shephalika Shukla has prepared a list of Tips and Common Errors to Avoid When Preparing for Economics.

Here are bullet points of all the guidelines to follow when you are preparing for your subject Economics.

• You need to memorize all the definitions but before that, you should understand it properly with the reasoning and logic.
• For drawing graphs you should use pencils, you should practice tables very well.
• You can register the formula and tables with the help of an example or by making a chart of it.
• Practice all the numerical from micro as well as from macro very well.
• Flow Chart, Web Chart and Mind Mapping can help you in remembering things.
• Allocate the time available between all the chapters and try to solve those questions which you find difficult while practicing.
• Solving previous year papers give a chance to evaluate your level of understanding of the subject.
• This practice will help you to manage your time effectively during the examination and thus you will finish your exam in the allotted time.
• Some errors which are commonly found in the answer sheets are when students do not read the questions correctly.
• Utilize your reading time in planning and organizing your interpretations in your mind.
• In case of internal choice, make up your mind on which option to attempt.

Tips and Common Errors to Avoid When Preparing for Economics
• If you want to revert your choice to any question, first attempt your answer and do not forget to cancel your previous answer.
• In a question with words like ‘Enumerate’, ‘Outline’, ‘State’ or ‘List’, write explanatory points.
• Attempt all the questions (write and explain everything that you know rather than leaving the questions completely)
• Read the questions thoroughly before answering. Leave the questions you are not sure for the end.
• ‘Distinguish’ and ‘Differentiate’ questions should always be written in a tabular form.
• Step marking is followed in economics and no marks will be awarded to a direct answer. Doing so numerically, stepwise, is highly recommended.
• Give formula wherever required, you have to give stress to the presentation to score well.
• Try to write answers in points, underline all important points and heading with a pencil.
• All the rough work should be shown on the last page.
• Do write question number clearly corresponding with the question papers.
• Follow the serial order. You may follow the reverse order i.e. attempt 6 marks question first, then 4,3 and 1 markers.
• Leave one line after every point in the answer.
• Always attempt 4 and 6 marker question from the new page.
• Leave time for revision.

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