EXAMINATION TIPS TO SCORE BETTER MARKS FOR SOCIOLOGYSociology is the study of human social behavior and its origins, its development, organizations, and institutions. Sociology offers to teach us how to see the World from many vantage points- not just our own, but also that of others unlike ourselves. With CBSE board examination approaching, here are some tips to help you to avoid common errors and score better marks.

– Ms. Archana Parida (Sociology Teacher)


  1. Keep yourself well prepared well in advance. The topic is vast and requires a lot of time.


  2. Prepare Notes. Notes help to go through the topics in details, in a well-organized way. They help to memorize the subject in a systematic way.
  3. Do not mug the answers. Try and understand them. Mugging the answers would lead to a complete dependence on your memory. And if that memory ditches in the examination hall, it will create a problem.
  4. Do not study from various sources. Only stick to the CBSE or NCERT books. It will leave no space for confusion.
  5. Avoid mind-boggling. Do not stress your mind in pressure. Keep a relaxed mind in order to grasp maximum information.
  6. Try to study in groups. It helps you understand what other people think, what is their perspective.
  7. Ensure that you understand all the terms in bold. Most of these terms would be recurring concepts throughout the course
  8. Solve a lot of question papers and sample papers to have a check on the knowledge you possess.
  9. Finish the syllabus well in advance to leave enough room for revision. Revision is very important to attempt board exams.
  10. Prepare mnemonics for the most important topics that you need to know. It makes it easier to remember.
  11. Highlight the important section for a quick recap in the last days.
  12. Do not hold the book open until the time you enter the exam hall. It makes the mind strained and leads to confusion and nervousness. Leave the books at home while going to the examination place.

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  13. You should think analytically when you sit down to study Sociology.
  14. You should always critically analyze the text given.
  15. Take note of the common questions that have been asked and observe how the question should be answered particular questions asked in passage-based questions.
  16. Sociology stresses the application of theory and somewhat abstract concepts to gain a greater understanding of social phenomena. It is often said that sociology is more concerned with formulating the proper question than in obtaining “the answer.” There are seldom straight answers to social questions, and students are evaluated on their ability to understand and apply abstract theoretical concepts.
  17. Try to write the definitions in your own language without altering the meaning.
  18. During the exam, try to write your descriptive answers in points and give pictorial or graphical illustrations wherever possible.  It enhances visibility.
  19. Go through the questions paper before answering.
  20. For long answer type questions, before starting, frame a skeleton of the answer in the margin.
  21. Be crisp and to the point in very short questions.
  22. Information boxes in the shades of grey will be evaluated.

Good Luck!

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