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Top 10 Schools in Gurgaon for Admissions 2024-2025

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED September 26, 2023, UPDATED September 26, 2023

Are you looking for the top 10 CBSE schools in Gurgaon for your child's admission? We understand how challenging this can be. Known for its fast-paced and ultra-modern lifestyle, Gurgaon, or Gurugram, houses numerous top-notch schools that can provide your child with the good education. We have diligently compiled a list of the top 10 CBSE schools in Gurugram to help you with your search.

  1. DPSG Palam Vihar:-

    Positioned in a serene corner of Gurgaon, DPSG Palam Vihar is an institution of learning par excellence. The school thrives on a culture of academic excellence, complemented by extracurricular pursuits. Well-qualified teachers dedicate themselves to shaping the minds of young students. The school's infrastructure fosters a progressive learning environment, including tech-empowered classrooms and modern labs.

  2. DPSG Sushant Lok:-

    Nestled in the heart of Gurgaon, DPSG Sushant Lok sets a benchmark in quality education. The school aims to develop intellectually capable and socially responsible individuals through a balanced curriculum. Skilled educators employ innovative teaching methods to enhance student understanding. The extensive sports facilities and cultural activities help students to develop their talents beyond academics.

  3. The Heritage School:-

    Regarded for its contemporary teaching methods, The Heritage School emphasizes experiential learning. However, some parents feel the school's unique teaching methodology might not suit students comfortable with traditional learning styles.

  4. Shalom Hills International School:-

    Shalom Hills International School is praised for its strong emphasis on character-building and discipline. Despite its many advantages, the high teacher-student ratio can sometimes lead to less individual attention.

  5. Amity International School:-

    Amity International is known for its robust sports and extracurricular programs and impressive academic curriculum. However, the relatively high fee structure can be a drawback for some families.

  6. Lotus Valley International School:-

    Lotus Valley International School provides a nurturing environment to take care of the varied needs of its students. It shines academically and also excels in sports and arts. However, the school's location on the city's outskirts might make daily commuting difficult for students residing in central Gurgaon.

  7. Blue Bells Model School:-

    Blue Bells Model School, with its motto of "Quality Education for All", has consistently performed well academically. One drawback is its limited scope for sports activities, which could concern parents looking to balance academics and extracurriculars.

  8. GD Goenka World School:-

    GD Goenka World School stands out for its international standards and excellent boarding facilities. The school's expansive curriculum offers many subjects to choose from. However, focusing on academic excellence sometimes comes at the cost of practical exposure and hands-on learning.

  9. DPS International:-

    DPS International is renowned for its technology-enabled classrooms and skill-based education system. However, the school's primary focus on academics might compromise students' development of a well-rounded personality.

  10. DAV Public School:-

    with its rich legacy, DAV Public School has made a name for itself in Gurgaon's educational sphere. Despite the school's excellent academic record, its conventional teaching methods might not cater to the modern, progressive education approach that some parents seek.

  11. Suncity School:-

    Lastly, Suncity School offers an enriching academic environment with diverse extracurricular offerings. However, feedback indicates that the large school population can sometimes lead to crowded classrooms, thus affecting individual student attention.

That wraps up our list of the top 10 CBSE schools in Gurgaon. As you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each school, remember that the best choice will always depend on your child's individual needs and your personal preferences. Regardless, each school on this top 10 schools in Gurgaon list promises an environment conducive to learning, growth, and overall development.


What truly crowns DPSG as the best school in Gurugram is its consistent record of high academic performance. The students routinely outshine their peers in board exams and various competitive exams, reflecting the quality of education the school provides. Furthermore, the school's environment is nurturing, safe, and inclusive, making it conducive to the overall growth of students.

Choosing DPSG means entrusting your child's future to a prestigious institution that imparts quality education and shapes well-rounded personalities ready to face the world with confidence.

Admission time is a crucial phase for every parent. We sincerely hope you can make an educated choice with the help of this information. After all, choosing the appropriate school for your kid is the first thing you must do to give them the best chance at a successful life.

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