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Why teach science and arts together?

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED January 19, 2017, UPDATED January 16, 2023

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Mae Jemison, an astronaut, a doctor and an art collector, spoke her heart out about why science and arts should be taught as a joint discipline. She says, “To create bold thinkers for tomorrow; we need to teach science and arts as one subject.”

According to her in one of the Ted Talks, she brings attention to the subject and says, “The world has started to see science and arts as two different subjects. However, they are not. They are basically the two sides of the same coin.” These days, people think an art as in subject is only about creativity and science is about logic. This is how both the subjects have always been taught to us. There are subjects where we have to make logic and solve problems. There are also the subjects where we have to creatively think and be with the flow.

Jemison brought a strong point that, in a classroom, learning science and arts as a joint discipline will create a bold thinker who thinks everything creatively and makes sense too. It will help the students be good at logic and be better at the creative aspects too. Giving her own life example, she mentions how a scientist has to desperately think creatively in order to solve the problem. The same goes for any artist, they have to consistently problem-solve in order to create a great work of art.

This idea is new, and many schools are nowadays, implementing the idea to creatively enhance the learning process for the students. It is definitely a long shot but a worthy one. Students need to be taught to think creatively in all subjects, not just in science or mathematics. They simply have to believe that they just don’t need to fit in a specific category. They have to try new things every day. And every day is full of challenges. To come out as a successor in life, these students need to learn how to think boldly and creatively to outdo their best.

Education will never cease to change and grow. There is no second thought about this statement. Teachers have already started to see the connection between both arts and science as an inter-related subject. Mae Jemison believes that unless we try new things in our lives, we will not know how successful it will be for us.

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