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DPSG Alumni launches its UK Alumni Chapter in London on the 19th of June, 2022

The alumni of the schools under DPSG are among corporate leaders, administrative heads, bureaucrats, and policy makers, not just in India but across the globe. It is my proud privilege to share with you that more than 100 alumni of DPSGS are well settled in the UK across various leadership positions.

The alumni meet shall also see the launch of a pioneering one-on-one mentorship program where our Alumni in the UK shall be adopting one DPSG student from India who is interested in pursuing higher education in the UK. 15 high school students shall also be a part of the Alumni Meet and shall undertake an extensive collaborative educational tour at the Oxford & Warwick University, to name a few.

The Guest of Honour would be Dr. Param Shah, Director FICCI UK & Mr. Vijay Goel, Chairman of Indo European Business Forum. Ex-Chairman of Assocham UK.

Registration form: http://bit.ly/DPSGAlumniUK

DPSG, Palam Vihar is proud to have engaged and supportive alumni who are proud of their alma mater. DPSGites have established their presence in their chosen areas of work which are diverse-Engineers, Doctors Corporate, Hospitality, Tourism, Visual Art, Performing Art and many more. The alumni base of DPSG, Palam Vihar is the badge of honour that wonderfully exemplifies the philosophy of the school. " Global outlook with an Indian ethos' is what drives them- the knights in shining armour and the talented princesses who are out to carve a niche in the world. Excelling in scholastic and co-scholastic fields, they are our trailblazers and flag bearers. Cradled and groomed in this institution of repute that has always incubated learners and nurtured explorers, they are the magnificient representatives of the school. DPSG, Palam Vihar takes immense pride in celebrating their achievements in multifarious domains. The school does this through ' past student shout outs' across mediums like school newsletters , social media and blog posts. The alumni help us measure the effectiveness of our school programs and it is a remarkable moment when they come back to share their success stories. Their firm footprints in the landscape of the outside world is what makes their alma mater worthwhile and relevant. They feel a strong sense of identity with their school which has empowered them to put their best foot forward. The school has made a consistent effort to prepare its students for productive careers and meaningful lives after their school years. The school has always reached out to and engaged our former students and they are central to the future well being of the school. They are our priceless resource and the attitudes, values, beliefs and dispositions that they exhibit is the true testimony of the empowering initiatives that the school is synonymous with.

Alumni Club:

Dear Alumni,

We are proud to announce that the school has set up an Alumni Community for the purpose of connecting and engaging with you all.You all are requested to fill in the details in the Alumni Registration Form to be a part of this initiative and contribute richly to your Alma mater.

Alumni Registration Form



An alumnus plays an important role in the growth of an institution. DPSG PVI values its alumni and their contribution to the progress of the institution. As a part of the alumni engagement program DPSG PVI invited members of the erstwhile school football team who are our Alumni to play a friendly match with our school team on 30th October 2021 in the football ground. Alumni DPSG won the match 4:0 to our school team. The match gave our fledgling football team an opportunity to have fun while they learned the nuances of the game from experienced players. For our Alumni it was nostalgia and affection that imbued the moments with exhilaration at being in the midst of their old friends and teachers to renew their memories of school life. They enjoyed their role as mentors in passing the baton to our team to keep the school football flag flying high. They appreciated our school football ground and expressed their willingness to participate in such events in future.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. It has immense potential to change the future of every industry. Ashish Gaurav our alumni from 2013 batch, currently a second year PhD student at University of Waterloo Canada doing research in the field of Reinforcement learning, gave a deep insight into the research and career options with Artificial Intelligence. Beginning with what is research and what are the steps involved in research he went on to explain in detail the meaning of Artificial Intelligence, types of machine learning and the areas of research in AI.

He further apprised the students about the applications of AI and the career options in AI and why it is necessary to begin exploring this field of study.He concluded the session by guiding the students on how to start and be a part of the AI revolution.It was indeed an enriching session for the Senior Secondary classes. The session was designed to cover all aspects of AI and provide students a comprehensive overview of the opportunities in this field. Our Alumnus thanked the School Principal, Ms. Srividya Sridhar and the teachers of DPSG PVI for giving him an opportunity to connect with the school. He also expressed his gratitude to all the teachers of this institution for being very supportive and facilitating his growth.

Aman Bathla

The piano legend, the real keyboard king known by many names and felicitated all over the globe we are proud to call Dr Aman Bathla a celebrated #DPSGAlumni. Known to hold more than 52 world records for being the fastest pianist in the world, PhD in musical therapy, a motivational speaker – he is a gem that keeps on shining!

Pavel Gupta

He is a Postgraduate from IIM Bangalore and now the Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at Neen Opal - www.neenopal.com. He started his own Data Analytics in May 2016 with his batchmates from IIM Bangalore. He is currently having a team of 25 members across 2 offices in Bangalore and New York.

Performer & Lyricist -RhyythmDeep

RhyythmDeep is currently pursuing Bachelors In Performing Arts from Asian Academy Of Film & Television, Film City, Noida. Rhyythmdeep, the rising star in the music industry has released his third music album "Haaye Meri Motto" on 5th September 2020 under his own label "RhyythmDeep Records.His first Punjabi music album "Kaali Gaddi", which was released by Jassi Records was a hit and is still going very strong with the masses. Not only this, his second album , "Mujhse Naaraz".was equally appreciated by all. Apart from his soulful singing, he is a lyricist ,poet and composer par excellence. He has also won prizes for his writing at the "Global Festival of Journalism" powered by International Chamber pf Media & Entertainment Industry(ICMEI) and Asian Academy

Anmol Jhamb

One of the 58 Google Code-in 2019 Grand Prize Winners all around the world, he created his own Virtual Assistant at the age of 15 and got featured in newspapers and news channels.

Ashish Gaurav

After completion of schooling, Ashish Gaurav enrolled as a bachelors student at BIT Mesra, and graduated obtaining first class with distinction from there. Later he opted for master’s degree in computer science from the University of Waterloo, and had the chance to develop software for self-driving cars. He recently graduated with a Masters degree. One of the proudest moments in his career was when he interned at Google in 2016. For the purposes of the internship, Ashish got to visit Google’s Bay Area campus and learned first hand about the life in Silicon Valley. The school has been a phenomenal influence to this prodigy and it taught him the importance of patience in everyday life and inculcated in him a need for integrity in his work. The school also taught him to have an optimistic outlook towards life. Ashish Gaurav is particularly grateful to the Math and Computer science faculty at DPSGPV for propelling him tread the path to fulfil his aspirations.

Ashish hopes that one day he will be able to contribute something of immense value to the world, through his research. We are proud of Ashish.