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Community Connect

Community Connect

Man is a social animal and hence community is an essential part of his existence. The School recognizes the importance of community and encourages engagement with it to create socially conscious and responsible students who would grow into contributing members in the society.We encourage our students to identify initiatives besides supporting the initiatives taken up by the school. Every initiative helps the students to become responsible, collaborative, principled and ethical.There is no greater joy than seeing our students support causes that are for the larger good of humanity

Blood Donation Drive

Every year the students arrange a blood donation drive to engage with the immediate community and spread awareness about a much needed but often misunderstood act that could help people who are in dire need of blood. Besides the act of donating blood, our students prepare an educational campaign and create awareness in their neighborhood, families and other members of the community to erase the stigma and fears associated with this noble act that could save lives of many. The entire drive is conceptualized and conducted by our students and staff.

Environment Awareness- From Plastics to Cloth

Our students made cloth bags from old clothes and distributed them within school, neighbourhood and local markets to encourage people to transition from plastic to cloth bags in a drive to save our environment that is choked with this harmful substance. The students also took a pledge to use cloth bags only and identify more ways to support sustainable living.As the students become more aware of the shared challenges faced by humanity, they aspire to create a world that is clean, green and safe for all living beings, including the flora and fauna.To promote an awareness against the use of polythene amongst the people, the students of DPSG, PV Primary Wing conducted an Anti-Plastic Drive at Palam Vihar Shopping Complex. The highlight of the event was the display of posters like Say No to Plastic, Donate Use Plastic Bags.Use Cloth Bags etc. Together they pledged to stop the use of plastic and save the Earth. To promote the use of cloth bags they also gifted self-made cloth bags to the shop keepers and the people around. 

The students were very enthusiastic being a part of Green Earth campaign.

Alcis Marathon-Run for Environment

Every year, our community comes together to support causes through various marathons that are organized in the city. Both our students and staff participated in this run on 26th January and were present in full strength to lend support for saving the environment that is not just a local but a global call.It was heartening to see many students and staff complete the run while little students, along with their parents, walked the distance and showcased their effort and perseverance in offering their support to the School initiatives.

Global Energy Run

Dandia Night

The School celebrated the auspicious month of Navaratras with the community by hosting a Dandiya night in the school premises. It was an event that brought together students, families and staff members besides other guests to enjoy the festive spirit and spread cheer amongst all. The evening was marked with happy faces, tapping feat, ethnic outfits, traditional music and delicious food . The highlight of the evening was the positive engagement between the school and families that is essential to create mutual trust and respect.

Winter Carnival

December is the month of Christmas and celebration of the giving spirit. The school organized a Joy of Giving  week that culminated in a Carnival that was open to all. An event that was attended by almost 3000 people , the Carnival was filled with opportunities of engaging with the community through games, competitions , rides, food and stalls selling art created by our students. Little chefs of School prepared food, chocolates and sumptuous cakes that were in great demand and went a long way to encourage students to pursue their passion in the coming years. There was something for every age group and families could be seen having a happy time with their families and creating memories for life.