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Career Counselling

University Counseling is an integral part of the Senior School and the students are exposed to various career pathways, interactions with professionals from various domains and visits from both Indian and International universities of repute. The school has a tie up with Univariety, a professional University and Career Guidance organization, to conduct student aptitude tests, exposure to career pathways, parent interactions and one to one sessions for complete guidance to all students from grades 9 to 12.

The counselling pathway begins with aptitude testing at the beginning of grade 9where students are familiarised with their interests ,strengths and areas that need scaffolding.Through grades IX and X students are given exposure to various subjects and possible combinations that will help them get admission into their desire course of study. through interactions with people from varied professional backgrounds, the students get further insight into the real professional world.

From grade XI the counselling sessions become personal and are conducted as one to one along with the parents.Every student is guided personally ,assessed methodically and adviced career choices that align both with their personal and family aspirations.The students are also informed about possible scholarships that they could apply for their higher studies.

University Counseling Planner-

The counselling activities are planned and spaced through the year with integration at various levels-

  1. Counselor to group sessions
  2. Counselor to individual sessions
  3. Counselor to family sessions

The purpose of these sessions ranges from familiarization, focussed engagement with the student to understanding family aspirations.Students learn to identify their attitudes, dispositions , values and beliefs to decide on career pathways that align with their personality and work towards them in a precise and planned manner.

The school prepares a calendar that allows proper pacing for interaction, review, reflection, feedback and decision

Behavioural Counseling

As we all traverse the path of life, we are often faced with mental and emotional challenges that may seem ordinary but are real and extraordinary for the person who is facing them. In the stressful times that we live in, children often face adverse circumstances at home or in immediate surroundings that they find difficult to share with others . These bottled emotions often impact the students negatively and may result in student behaviours that are contrary to their true nature. Such situations also tend to impact students’ academic, emotional, physical and spiritual identity.The school provides opportunities for both identification and intervention for students that require a patient and empathetic handling to share their feelings, feel accepted and be guided in the right manner. Besides the school Counselor, all our teachers act as counselors and are provided continuous support through trainings conducted by the Counselor.

The school aims to create a happy and emotionally safe environment for all through awareness, acceptance and inclusion of all in the community.