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Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

For perhaps the first time in the history of schools, Professional Learning Communities have been constituted by our group of Schools on the digital platforms where teachers of all grades and subjects get together every week to discuss, debate and share new learnings and developments in their field of study and teaching. It helps them to refine their pedagogy, content, approach, assessments so that each learner benefits from the collective experience of this community.

PLCs is a digital collaboration platform, a space for building synergies, shared understandings, exchange of best practices and where our teachers

1. Work together to reflect upon current practices of self and others;

2. Expand, refine and build new knowledge base, skills; share ideas;

3. Create, Share, Improve;

a. Learning Outcomes

b. Inquiry Structures

c. Learning Resources

d. Pedagogy

e. Assessments

f. And anything that might help them improve the quality of learning transactions.

4. Engage with body of research literature;

5. Conduct action research on their classroom practices;

6. Challenge their own biases, assumptions and practices;

7. Model innovative practices;

Experiencing and modelling the power of collective, the teachers also create authentic opportunities for their learners to collaborate digitally… Build Community of Learners!

Blended Learning

Blended learning is the future. Technology will become an integral part of learning, tracking, reporting, refining, and achieving. Data and evidence tracked digitally will be ever at hand to support the learner and the teacher in chartering and altering courses as they embark on this journey of learning. This also lends objectivity and transparency not only to the teaching learning processes but also academic governance.

The availability of Information, Communication Technology infrastructure at the school and the learner end would be essential. The conventional paper books will be gradually replaced and or supported by the tablet or laptop-based books and would at once open flood gates to all other resources thus presenting the learners with choices of learning routes, breadth or depth.

Designing and Managing learning would thus be a competency that every teacher and student would need to develop and refine.