The interactions or conversations elicited by events help students build relationship, understand different perspectives and engage with other cultures.

An Interaction With Microsoft CEO Shri Satya Nadella

Under the able guidance of Principal Ms.Dipika Rao,DPSG Palam Vihar Gurgaon students were fortunate to attend Young Innovators Summit with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. DPSG students had an opportunity to attend a conversation with Sir,Satya Nadella at India Habitat Centre,New Delhi on 26.Dec.2019. The Young Innovators Summit brought together over 250 students and educators in Delhi NCR. In conversation with Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India, Satya Nadella spoke about the role that technology will play in transforming the education ecosystem over the next decade, outlining the opportunity students have today to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems with technology.He also highlighted the that we need to reformulate the relationship between technology and learning. He was impressed the way young innovators think today. He appreciated the students for their quality of ideas, the scope of their ambition, deep passion and deep empathy turning into action.He guided the students to be focused and reach their goals by keeping persistence.He also motivated students to keep balance between consuming technology and creating technology.The session was truly transformative and life changing for students.It inspired students to be part of technology powered innovation community.The Young Innovators Summit also showcased examples of technology-powered innovation from the student community in India. Three young innovators talked about how they are using technology to connect the world and solve some of the biggest social, environmental and health challenges of our times.

Earth Day Celebrations

DPSG, Palam Vihar Grade IV students celebrated ‘Earth Day’ on 22nd April 2021 with the objective to develop an understanding of term ‘Carbon Footprint’ .It is essential for us to educate our student community to ensure that our beautiful planet remains fit and healthy to sustain and nurture human life in future. The students learnt what is Carbon footprint, which countries have the highest carbon footprint and explore ways to reduce the same. An essential learning in present times.

International English Day Celebrations

With the focus on international mindedness and multilingualism, DPSG-Palam Vihar ‘s Grade- 4 students celebrated International English Day on the 23rd of April 2021 .This day is dedicated to William Shakespeare- father of English language. A core focus of the day was to understand the evolution of language with time and cultural usage and its impact on English. Being the first language of communication across the world, the day was spent on engaging students with the language more deeply through various engaging, and fun-filled activities quizzes, memory & vocabulary building online games as well as reading from his famous texts. An ode to the Bard himself!

Labour Day Celebrations

Labour day marks the importance of labour’s contribution in this world and assures the dignity of work. To respect and honour all the labours DPSGians performed brilliantly to spread awareness in society and give a message of hard work and dedication.

Laughter Day Celebrations

Laughter is the best medicine. It is a great way to lighten up all our burdens, stress and negativity. To bring a smile on our faces, Pranjal Ghai of grade VIII talks about all the benefits of laughter and cheers us up with her bewildering performance.

Rabindranath Tagore Jayanti Celebrations

The famous Rabindrasangeet - 'Pagla Hawar Badal dine ' was written by Tagore in 1939. This song like many of the great poet, was based on ‘Nature’ and the coming of ‘Kalbaisakhi’ heralding the monsoons where the poet speaks of how the gusty winds carry his heart and awaken slumbering feelings and sentiments. Its style is Baul Sur. It was reincarnated in the remix version in the popular Bangla film 'The Bong Connection ' and sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Nachiketa Chakraborty in their superb voice with soul-stirring music. This Rabindrasangeet was used last time in a Hindi film named Yugpurush (1998) as 'Bandhan Khula Panchi uda'. It was sung by Anuradha Paudwal and the music composed by Rajesh Roshan. Tithi Saha of X A pays an obeisance to Tagore in the form of this dance on the eve of Rabindra Jayanti.

Love and nature go hand in hand for many who like Kavi Guru Rabindra Nath Tagore, who regards the creation of the universe as being based on love. In this video, Gauri Chavan of X A recites one of her favourite poems by Tagore, where the poet uses nature to create an image in the minds of the readers regarding ‘love’ which also mirrors Nature’s boundless love for us and in recognizing this, lies our salvation. In this brilliant poem Tagore seems to be explaining the sudden acknowledgement of love for another by comparing it to coming out of the darkness into light...
  • Mother's Day Celebrations

    Mothers are an epitome of love and affection. We owe our mothers our own existence. To show our gratitude to the precious love and sacrifices of mothers, students and faculty members of DPSG Palam Vihar salute all the mothers by their eye catching performance and overwhelming messages.

    Mothers are one of the first indications of God’s presence in our lives. Mothers are those highly responsible women who strain every nerve to ensure brilliant and dazzling future of their wards. She makes every effort to make her child happy and exerts herself to the greatest possible extent to bring the best.Students of Grade III celebrated this special day by dancing, singing, making a gratitude card and sharing specialities of their mother.

    World Athlete Day Celebrations
    As truly said by Eliud Kipchoge "Athletics is not so much about the legs. It's about the heart and mind". Keeping this in mind DPSG Palam Vihar geared up the members of the student community with the message of being healthy, fit, and positive. The event was marked by the energetic assemblage of the students on the occasion of World Athlete Day. This day is observed globally to spread awareness among children regarding the importance of fitness and also to boost their participation in the field of sports. DPSGites have always been known for their penchant for sports and they enjoyed their stint wholeheartedly.

    Science Project
    DPSG Palam Vihar has consistently made efforts to develop scientific temper and a spirit of enquiry among the members of the student community. As a step forward in nurturing self- directed learners , a rational and experimentative approach was adopted to gather information on characteristics of light. This innovative method helped develop knowledge in natural laws in optical mechanics. Creation of a working night lamp has been made possible through research and arrangement of information. This process has helped students to comprehend the process of refraction and reflection of light and to decipher the rays of the path of light through the different layers of solution. This method has helped develop concept clarity and a better understanding.
    Session on 'Healthy LifeStyles Choices

    DPSG Palam Vihar organized a guest lecture on the topic of –‘Healthy Lifestyle Choices’ on 28th May 2021 on MS Teams for Grade-5 students. Dr. Arpit Verma (motivational speaker and fitness mentor) was the speaker for this enriching session.The students were enlightened about the various aspects of health and fitness. Dr. Verma emphasized on the need of a balanced diet, physical exercises and hygiene etiquette that together promotes the good health of a person.

    Dr. Verma also shared his experiences with the students during the lecture. He explained in detail about the different lifestyle changes one can make, the impact of these changes on the mind and body and how it ultimately affects the overall well-being. The students developed some wonderful insights about how one can stay healthy and fit during this pandemic. The session concluded with an exciting question and answer round where our young learners came up with some interesting questions and shared their beautiful reflections.

    International Yoga Day Celebration

    The origins of yoga are rooted deep in time. The past know-how is at times referred to as "the supreme science of life" and is believed to have been revealed to the great sages of India several thousand years ago. Yoga a system of physical and mental practices that originated during the Indus Valley civilization serves the cardinal purpose which is to promote harmony in the body, soul, and environment. The International Day of yoga is celebrated annually on 21st June since 2015, following its inception in the United Nations General Assembly in the year 2014. The day was incorporated as yoga claims a complete system of physical, mental, social, and spiritual development for people of all ages. With the current unprecedented Covid scenario yoga plays as integral part to relax the body, enhance our breathing efficacy, providing an individual with mental well being, sharper concentration and raises self awareness. With yoga the benefits are immense therefore at DPSG,PVI International Yoga Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal. Students performed various standing and sitting asanas and the physical education teachers explained the advantages of each asana.

    Music is the manna of the soul. It not only enlivens our spirit but also adds more meaning to our existence by embalming our minds and stirring noble sentiments with soulful renditions. Music is also recommended as a therapy and its power is unparallel. Western, Folk, Popular, Classic, Pop, Hollywood, or Bollywood its influence transcends age, gender, nationalities…unifying its admirers in reverence.On World Music Day, we acknowledge the contributions made by all the practitioners, musicians, composers, singers, and listeners who value and cherish its elevating influence in our lives. Listen in to Shreya Saxena, crooning her favourite song -a popular hit from the movie ‘Chak de India’ on this joyful occasion.


    A Father is an anchor to hold us back and a guiding light to help us sail effortlessly through trials and challenges.’.

    Grade 3 students, started their day by giving a big hug to their father and gifted a self-made card to express their love and gratitude. Cake cutting added sweetness to the celebration. They shared their wonderful moments by sending photographs of celebration. It was an endeavour to make the students understand and acknowledge the important role that fathers play in shaping the lives of their children.

    Virtual Interaction With Agassiz Elementary School, Chicago

    Virtual interaction between the students of Grade 5 from Agassiz Elementary School, Chicago and DPSGPV was organized on
    th November at 8:30 PM (IST). There were around 55 participants from both the schools. The discussion was primarily focused on exchange of ideas about the geography and culture, where the students of both the schools shared about their cultural practices and traditions. The students also discussed about their major festivals, with a focus on ‘Diwali and Thanksgiving.’
    The discussion also comprised of a Question and Answer round where the students displayed great enthusiasm and vigour in inquiring about the respective countries. The interaction concluded on a high note, where the participants from both the schools showed great inclination in collaborating again in future.

    Opening To New Vistas

    A virtual interaction was organized by Grade 2 students of DPSGPV with the students of Hope International Academy Okinawa, Japan using the online platform to exchange understandings about their respective festivals and culture.The students of DPSG PV talked about the festival of Diwali and the different Eco- friendly ways in which they celebrate it. The students of Hope Academy on the other hand talked about Thanksgiving Day and its significance.The interactive session helped students to broaden their horizons and develop an appreciation for other cultures. The discussion culminated on a high note and the students of both the countries departed with a lot of fond memories and a promise to connect again.

    DPSG School, Covid Center

    DPSG Palam Vihar remains a forerunner in the field of Education and Nation Building with the establishment of the vaccination centre against Covid 19 on campus, today ie 16th January 2021. The centre set up under the Aegis of the National Health Mission, Haryana Government took up the first phase of vaccination to over 100 front runners and workers in health and wellness organisations. It is indeed a moment of quiet pride and feeling of worth to be part of this massive drive.

    School Gears Up for Offline Classes


    The 72nd Republic Day was celebrated with great zeal and zest on 26th of January 2021 on the virtual platform of DPSG, Palam Vihar. 26th of January is a red letter day in the history of India as it commemorates the day when the Constitution of India came into effect in the year 1950 which declared India as an independent republic. Republic Day signifies the right spirit of Independent and individual India. The students presented a cultural extravagance with immense patriotic fervor. Rashi Vats apprised us of the significance of the Republic Day through the theatrical dialogue. Shriom regaled our spirits by the patriotic rendition, ‘Sandese aate hain’. An energetic dance performance was put up by Sahil Arora, Ishika Singh, Gargi Tyagi, Riti Gupta and Riya Lamba based on the patriotic melody, ‘Main lad jaana’ The invigorating performances stirred the souls with patriotic fervor. Each one took the pledge to enrich and preserve our vibrant heritage and cultural ethos. The program concluded with the national anthem. The hearts swelled with pride and glory to see the tricolor flutter high and mighty in the vast expanse of the sky.


    Hardik Kathuria of VIII A DPSG Palam Vihar, seeded third in the first in Inter DPSGS and TGT Schools online Chess Tournament organized by DPSG Meerut Road, held on the 23rd of January 2021. The Chess champion with his perseverance, analytical and reasoning skills proved that such platforms of fostering critical thinking in today’s learners goes a long way in making them future ready. We are indeed proud of his achievement!


    Adding another feather to the cap of achievements of DPSG Palam Vihar, Anhad Singh Dogra of Grade 5 has brought laurels to the school by making it to the Top 5 at Gems All India Literature Festival under Limerick Poetry category.He gave a tough competition to more than 100 students from different schools of the country.We congratulate Anhad and his parents on this big achievement!


    “Dance is the medium of communicating the hidden language of the soul”-Anonymous

    "SWAPNILRANG-2020", an interschool cultural competition, was organized by Lions Public school on the 7th of November 2020. Tanvi Jitendra Chavan, Grade VII and Gauri Jitendra Chavan from grade IX held the audience spellbound and showcased a mesmerizing and well synchronized performance. They won the second position amongst tough competition. Kudos to our budding danseuses!

    Children's Day Celebrations

    DPSG Palam Vihar celebrated Children’s Day on 11th of November 2020 through the virtual platform. The students were taken through the cultural extravaganza presented by the Performing Arts department and the teaching faculty. A rainbow of musical performances dedicated to the students spread cheer and joy among the student fraternity. The principal, Ms. Dipika Rao poured her heart out to the children and said that the school without the chitter and chatter of the students is a mere empty building. The childhood is the most precious phase of life and must be nurtured carefully and caringly as the children are the future of the nation and the citizens of tomorrow. She also encouraged the students to donate something to the needy and deprived children and make a valuable contribution of charity and generosity by bringing a smile on their lips and shine in their eyes.

    MUN 2020
    DPSG,PV MUN 2020 was organised on a virtual platform under the able guidance of Principal, Ms.Dipika Rao. The aim to simulate the structure and operation of the UN was pursued by the six committees namely United Nations General Assembly, United Nations Women, United Nations Human Rights Council, All India Political Parties Meet, Open Forum, United Nations Development Programme. It was a great opportunity to combine educational excellence with the highly realistic simulations of the United Nations for an unparalled model UN learning experience and the delegates rose to the occasion with enthusiasm and gusto. The two day event was able to acquaint the participants with the notions of the world community, their policies and their problems. With the help of the incredible technical know how of the IT department of the school , the delegates showcased their expertise to understand and appreciate the importance of a more equal world. Amidst the crisscross of opinions and apt rebuttal, hypothetical situations were introduced and the delegates had to react to these crises on the spot. Real world problems were addressed and this proved to be instrumental in producing a paradigm shift in the outlook of the delegates and to come up with innovative solutions. The opening ceremony was spearheaded by the School Principal and her warm greeting set the tone for a perfect ambience. The closing ceremony was graced by the honorable the chief guest Ms. Palak Rao who is currently the Communications and Advocacy Adviser for the International Panel of Parliamentarians for Freedom of Religion or Belief. After the delegates were felicitated for their exemplary speeches and active participation, the secretary general of DPSG PV MUN declared DPSG International as the best school delegation and Shiv Nadar as the runners up.


    Our students of Grade 3 has been into wonderful exploration on different types of occupations, their interdependence and reasons that bring changes in occupations.They are keen to know more about Careers and Opportunities to serve the country. To get them familiar with such information, a few parents of DPSG Palam Vihar have volunteered to participate in this event through virtual interaction and convey their life experiences and opportunities that came across.

    Emissaries of a Green World

    Watch Riddhima Sahu of 7 C in an art integrated activity emphasize in a self-created video the invaluable contribution that forests make towards the survival of humankind. The topic ‘Uses of Forests’ was given to the learners who were free to choose the methods like modelling, video, painting and sketching to drive home this point. The activity provided students a wide scope to research, explore, express their gratitude for these divine blessings and be the torch bearers of a greener tomorrow.

    Obeisance to the Goddess of learning
    Goddess Saraswati — the Goddess of knowledge, music and arts was invoked on the auspicious occasion of Basant Panchami on the 16th of February 2021. The teachers and students offered their prayers to the deity, seeking true knowledge and wisdom. A tinge of yellow was witnessed everywhere in the school…be it the attire, food and the flowers all were clad in yellow heralding the coming of spring.

    Learning by Doing

    An activity was given to the students of Grade seven for their self-study to enable them to research and gain some insights and practical knowledge about vegetative propagation. Students were asked to bring various parts of plants which can be used for vegetative reproduction. Learners gained hands on experience on how new plants are found to grow from the vegetative parts of the parent plant such as root, stem, or leaf. They used the vegetative part of the plant to grow a plant at home and documented the various stages in the form of a report/PPT/video.

    Watch Shelly Chandel of grade 7C share her insights about ‘Vegetative Propagation’ in this video.


    It is good to have an end to a journey, but it is the journey that matters in the end. ― Ursula K. Le Guin

    DPSG Palam Vihar’s first ever PYPX, was filled with great exuberance and evidence of our 5th graders’ hard work, deep thinking, and self-motivated learning. Students were confidently and enthusiastically engaged with each other, working on their lines of inquiry, and were incredibly proud to share what they had accomplished over the last 6 weeks. Students were challenged to conduct an in-depth, long-range research project on different social issues. They were free to choose any topic they were passionate about, inspired by the central idea “Our concerns about the prevailing social issues can be expressed in different ways.” The diverse array of issues students chose included –Gender Stereotypes, Child Labour, Save Girl Child, Animal Cruelty and Homelessness. The parents and teachers were impressed with how thoughtfully the young learners pursued their lines of inquiry and presented their journey. The PYPX was the culmination of the 6 weeks project, and was an opportunity for students to present their research in a visual way (which included videos, posters, animations, PowerPoint Presentations, documentary, dance, music etc.) in order to educate peers and parents on the issues that concerned the entire world.

    MUN- Model United Nations

    The DPSGites have always proved their mettle in multifarious interschool events.

    Our future leaders of DPSG excelled in qualities like leadership, negotiation, foreign policies and debating in the plethora of MUNs they participated in.

    • Mohak Dua, as a committee member in Sweden UNEP, won the Best Delegate award and was felicitated with trophy, merit certificate and cash prize at The Maurya, Gurugram.
    • Gunjan Yadav as Shashi Tharoor in AIPPM won the Special Mention award and was felicitated with a merit certificate.
    • The learners participated in the ‘Columban MUN’ held at St. Columbus’ School, New Delhi on 8th and 10th November 2019. Gunjan Yadav as Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha was felicitated with 'special mention' award. The conference witnessed 450+ delegates, 8 committees from different schools.

    MAHABEHAS- Debate

    A team of 9 students represented DPSGPV for ‘MAHABEHAS’, a debating event held at Blue Bells School, Sec 4 where more than 200 students participated.

    Palak (XI) and P.Aditi (XI) were nominated best speakers and were felicitated with medals in the lions division.


    Pantheon of Posterity at Shaheed Sukhdev Collage, New Delhi, witnessed the enthusiastic participation of DPSG Palam Vihar, along with the 29 others, who qualified for the final day. On day two, our school was amongst 13 schools which proved to be the top performers and reached the final round, The Chimerian Conundrum - the Corporate Simulation.


    Seven students of the senior secondary wing, Nishita Rana (XII), Chahat Rana (XII), Pujita Bhanot(XII), Sumit Singh(XII), Yash Gautam (XII), Natasha Catherine Singh (XI) and Nikhil Yadav (X) performed a skit on Sustainable development – Its influence on economy and its people. Team won winner’s trophy at VANIJYA MAHOTSAVA (Commerce Fest) organized in DPSG, Meerut Road. DPSG, Palam Vihar bagged the Runners Up trophy.


    Arushi Mishra bagged the third prize in Turncoat in the Interzoid interschool competition at DPSG, Vasundhara.


    Robotronics-2019, an inter school Robo-Tech competition was organized by Amity International School, Gurugram. Whiz kids Anmol Jhamb(XII) and Aryan Dahiya(XI) won 3rd prize in the event and were awarded with a trophy and certificates.

    CERTAMEN 2019

    DPSG, Palam Vihar participated in Certamen 2019 hosted by DPSG, Faridabad. The English debate team did their school proud with their crisscross of opinions and apt rebuttal.

    • The debaters, Medha Singh of Class VIII won the first prize and Ankur Anand of Class VIII bagged the second prize.
    • Sargam Raina of Class XI bagged the second prize in Extempore competition in the senior secondary category.
    • The songsters comprising of Yalini Sharma, Sanya Yadav, Janvi Tanwar and Ashima Ramola bagged the second prize at the French Song competition.
    • Avinash Yadav bagged the first prize in the Sanskrit Shlok competition.

    The school believes that through events, participations and interactions, the students acquire the essential life skills of communication, collaboration, creativity and self-management and hence every student of the school is encouraged to participate in events, both intra and inter.


    To acknowledge the hard work of the students who demonstrated excellent performance during the session 2018-19, DPSG Palam Vihar celebrated Achievers’ Day Ceremony on May 2, 2019. It is very well said that, “Success belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams.” Same was proved by our brilliant and undeterred children who left no stone unturned to carve a niche for themselves in both scholastic and co-scholastic domains. The day which resonated with the sounds of claps and applauses commenced with the highly inspirational song “Lakshya na Ojhal hone paaye”, sung by our incredible choir group followed by an energetic act through which the students paid a gratitude to the mother Earth. The award ceremony felicitated the students who did exceptionally well in academics followed by those who brought laurels to the school by doing well in co-scholastic areas. Children with hundred percent attendance throughout the session were also given a special mention. The certificates to the winners were handed over by Ms. Deepika Rao, Principal, DPSG Palam Vihar. Ms. Deepika Rao in her vote of thanks extended her gratitude to the proud parents who added glimmer to the event with their presence and congratulated all the winners and emphasized that all students should work hard both in scholastic and co-scholastic areas as co-curricular activities are equally important as academics for the wholesome development of personalities.At the end, the refreshments were served which were prepared by the students of the cookery club.

    Hands-on Training in Biotechnology: Class XII (PCB)

    Students of DPSGPV had a hands on training in biotechnology guided by trainers (Mr. Dhruv, Mr. Imran andMr. Praveen) from EDUDAP.EduDAP- Discover & apply practical education is an organization which deals in

    providing training facilities in the area of life science along with the upcoming fields of biotechnology and bioinformatics.All the students were engaged to isolate DNA from plant sources, using the leaves from different plants. Chemicals like CTAB buffer, isopropanol, chloroform and isoamyl alcohol were used in the step. Instrument like centrifuge, table vortex, micropipettes were used for the isolation of DNA.After the isolation of DNA, Agarose gel electrophoresis was carried out to get the band size of the DNA for transformation process. Ethidium bromide, DNA loading dye and TAE buffer were used for gel electrophoresis.The bands of the DNA formed were visualized under the UV transilluminator.Students have learned the practical approach of the steps that they had been studying in theory. Biotechnology being a new concept for Class XII students, this training have helped them to understand how the various steps of genetic engineering are interlinked.Learning the concept and such a hands-on training in Biotechnology is certainly going to boost up the confidence of the students and enhance their knowledge.


    To promote an awareness against the use of polythene amongst the people, the students of DPSG, PV Primary Wing conducted an Anti-Plastic Drive at Palam Vihar Shopping Complex on 20th September, 2019.The highlight of the event was the display of posters like ‘Say No to Plastic’, ‘Don’t Use Plastic Bags’, ‘Use Cloth Bags etc’. Together they pledged to stop the use of plastic and save the Earth. To promote the use of cloth bags they also gifted self-made cloth bags to the shop keepers and the people around. The students were very enthusiastic being a part of Green Earth campaign.

    Anti Pollution Drive

    To promote an awareness against the use of polythene and crackers amongst the people, the students of primary wing of DPSGPV presented a road show at Sector 14 market.Their skit “Na kattoo mujhey” understated the present condition of plants and trees and the effects of same (smoke, polluted river water, endangering life of animals) on Earth. Together they marched and requested people to stop use of plastic and save the Earth. They were very enthusiastic depicting their efforts before the public. They received great applaud from the audience.


    30 students of classes 6 to 8 accompanied by 4 teachers were recently taken on a trip to the Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand. The students had gala time right from the start of the journey till the time they got back.The 4 days of the trip were filled with fun and adventure activities, great food and a comfortable stay in spacious resort.The students enjoyed adventures jungle safari, and tested their mettle on Zip lines, wall climbing and river crossing activities. During their stay they visited a school nearby and interacted with the students, painted walls of the school and did gardening.Students refreshed themselves with the varied activities available at the resort- swimming, cricket, badminton….Students were treated to scrumptious meals by the caring resort staff. The adventure activity organizers took great care of the students ensuring their enjoyment as well as uncompromised safety.

    Rejuvenated, it’s back to school with a new zest.

    Visit to Kidzania

    "Human memory is picture oriented and not word oriented."Keeping the same thought in mind, DPSG Palam Vihar organised a day trip to Kidzania, Noida. Kidzania gave children an environment that allowed them to do what naturally comes to them i.e. role-playing by mimicking real-world adult roles. This indoor theme park with paved roads, buildings, vehicles, buildings, and a fully functional economy gave kids a slice of real world.The activities in Doughnut Shop, Dance Academy, Culinary School, Climbing Building, Emergency Room, Driving School etc. were realistic and detailed in a variety of contexts.The trip turned out to be both fun and productive for the children and the teachers.


    DPSGPV organised an excursion for classes 2 and 3 to “Lohagarh Farms”, in order to nurture the spirit of inquiry, exploration and assimilation. This place provided them with the perfect solitude and peace through

    an authentic rural experience. The kids indulged themselves in delicious delicacies prepared by the villagers and unravelled the rustic village life.The students rejuvenated themselves with activities like Camel ride, Camel cart ride, Tractor ride and Bullock cart ride. Pottery making activity was also a site attraction. Some other activities were Tug of war, Carom, Chess, ludo, Archery, Gulel and Airgun. Adventures activities including Commando Crawl ,Burma Bridge, Commando Net , Double Rope Bridge were safe adventure zones for kids. Special attractions were Haunted house, Wax museum, Puppet show, Magic show and Slack lining.


    A trip to Nainital was organized by the school for classes 9 to 11. A total of 61 students accompanied by 6 teachers went for the 4 day trip. A very comfortable stay at hotel, good food, good transport and fresh air. The first day was spent travelling. Travelling the winding routs up to Bhimtal did make most of us sleep, but once we reach there, breathing the cool and fresh air brought us all back to life. Even the chilling night was not able to stop the children from dancing to the tunes of the music at DJ night. On day 2, lots of adventure activities like zip line, zip biking, water zorbing, tire wall climbing, etc kept everyone excited during the day. The bonfire with a musical night and live singing in the evening helped to bring the spirit of camaraderie and friendship to the fore.

    Day 3 was spent at Nainital. The