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One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our hearts. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.- Carl Jung.

Our Teachers are equipped not just with academic competency but also with the skills that enable them to create learning environments that are inquiry-based, collaborative, technology integrated and goal-driven. Empathy and acceptance are the hallmark of a DPSG faculty .

Every faculty member engages in research and discussions in PLCs- Professional Learning Communities twice a month and are empowered to take initiatives, shoulder additional responsibilities and develop the leader within. Besides these, they are engaged in intense trainings that are planned , conducted and attended by them to ensure the relevance of professional development.

Our team (comprises of 110 faculty members) embodies 21st century skills and are lifelong learners in the quest of the best educational pedagogies and practices to create student(nearly 1645) lead classrooms where learning is a two way process and interconnectedness of knowledge is the goal.

Professional Learning Community

All teachers of DPSGS schools across the country are a part of a PLC, which are further divided subject wise. This is a platform for teachers to explore their present understanding, share their thoughts, seek peer advice and work on their personal effectiveness as a facilitator and mentor. The shared knowledge of the group transcends into an enriched personal knowledge .

The members meet twice a month on a digital platform to share their expertise towards creating an enriched curriculum through research on pedagogy and practices. The group works to create shared resource bank and assessments. As teachers, each member is expected to research in a focussed manner on areas that have a bearing on their students and range from positive engagement in classroom to inquiry based learning to assessments. Each session is carefully designed with pre-shared agenda and recorded minutes that are accessible to all.


                                                                            PLC Coordinator-Ms.Deepa Bhargava 



Training & Development

In the rapidly evolving world, technology , ideas and innovation are bringing about paradigm shifts which are evident in the thinking and actions of our students. To walk in step with the students, our teachers need to be trained likewise.At DPSG, we recognize that reskilling is a way of life and hence training is an integral part of the lives of our faculty members. Every year, a two week period is set aside for trainings aimed at scaffolding academic, skills, competencies, technology, counselling, behaviour management, team building, collaboration and communication. The trainers identify the imminent needs and create tailor made sessions to address group needs and empower our faculty to fulfill their roles and responsibilities ably. Teachers are encouraged to set both professional and personal goals during these sessions and track themselves through reflection , feedback and dialogue. There is a great amount of emphasis on teachers engagement with their personal growth as an educator who is multifaceted, energetic, passionate and possesses 21st century skills.

                                                                                     SESSION BY Ms.DIPIKA RAO

                                                                                        PLC TRAINING SESSION

Staff Awards

The Society recognizes the dedication and commitment of its staff every year in an Award Ceremony held on Teachers Day, 5th September . Staff members, academic and admin, are given gold and silver medals for 25 and 15 years on continued service respectively in a ceremony where all schools under the aegis of DPSG Society come together to applaud the dedication and exemplary service of the awarded team members.

The event reiterates the culture of respect, trust and empowerment that is a hallmark of DPSG. Every year, the school has at least four team members who get rewarded for their continued and productive engagement .

Microsoft Certified Educators


 Citations- Gold

1. Ms. Kusum Verma

Ms. Kusum Verma is known for her dedication and care given to children over the past twenty-nine years. The affection and enthusiasm in mentoring her young wards and making them confident and happy individuals is worthy.

2. Mr. Jagdish Prasad

Awarded to Mr. Jagdish Prasad for thirty years of outstanding service. His commitment and dedication is evident in the manner in which he extends his support to all areas of the school. His ability to galvanize his team is laudable

Citations- Silver.

I. Ms. Vibhavari Ahluwalia

Awarded to Ms. Vibhavari Ahluwalia for her fruitful tenure of nearly eighteen years in the school. She has given her energy and guidance to students in art who have brought recognition and honor to the institution at various events.

II. Mr. K.S. Rawat

Mr. K S Rawat has served this institution for twenty-one years. He has trained and inspired students to perform at various interschool, state and national level competitions with credit. His talent and sincerity have found expression during school programs in vocal and instrumental music.

III. Mr. Chandra Prakash

Awarded to Mr. Chandra Prakash for his dedicated service of 19 years.  He is proficient in maintenance of IT infrastructure and systemized digital capability. As the in charge for content development, he is meticulous and innovative. 

Mr. Biplev Rej

Mr. Biplev Rej is an artist and teacher with outstanding talent in the field of visual arts. His prowess as a sculptor has added value to the institution and inspired students to be meritorious.

Ms. Parama Sen

Ms. Parama Sen is a master in English Literature and has contributed in mentoring her colleagues and students to achieve excellence. Her creativity and expression have been notable.

Ms. Reena Manchanda

Ms. Reena Manchanda has excellent command over sciences and has steered her department in achieving creditable milestones in an innovative and inspiring manner.

Ms. Manisha Dawar

Ms. Manisha Dawar has proven her merit in leading the department of social sciences to achieve excellence. She is a master in her subject and is committed towards driving joyful learning.


Public Disclosure:

  1. No. of HMs: 2
  2. No. of Coordinators: 2
  3. No. of PGTs :18
  4. No. of TGTs:35
  5. No. of PRTs:32
  6. No. of PTIs: 6
  7. No. of Librarians:2
  8. No. of Lab Assistants:2