IB PYP Schools In Gurgaon

Good education is a fundamental right of every child. In the present times, every child needs to have an educational experience that will impart the requisite knowledge and skill set to manoeuvre the world successfully. The world needs our young learners to become not just materially successful but also conscious individuals who are balanced, recognize common challenges and collaborate to find best possible outcomes for all.

DPSGPV is providing all this and more through its IBPYP program for students aged 3-12. We now bring you this unique experience for a week so that you can get a feel of a  program that is recognized as the best in the world.

You can sign up for FREE  five day ‘EXPERIENCE THE PYP’ program offered by the school and engage with our teachers as they take your child on a journey of inquiry, reflection and action.

Please fill the online form to join.